25 - 30 OCTOBER, 2015 CHICAGO, IL, USA

Practitioner Event: Visualization in Practice

Accepted Papers and Posters

Room: Empire

Scientific Visualization for Space Science Data Analysis in Collaborative Virtual Reality Environments
Authors: Wito Engelke, Arturo S. Garcia, Robin Wolff, Christian Bar, Terrence Fernando, David J. Roberts, and Andreas Gerndt

TellFinder: Discovering Related Content in Big Data
Authors: Eric Hall, Chris Dickson, David Schroh and William Wright

Exploring Anomalous Behavior in Wireless Networks with Visual Analytics
Authors: Veena Mendiratta, Vijay K. Gurbani, Chitra Phadke, and Angelo Migliosi

Global to Local Pattern of Life Analysis with Tile-Based Visual Analytics
Authors: Scott Langevin, David Jonker, Kevin Birk, Chris Bethune, and Nathan Kronenfeld

Challenges in Creating Task-tailored Dashboards for the Automotive Industry
Authors: Stephan Pajer and Harald Piringer

DoD HPC User Level Distributed Visualization and Analysis
Authors: Rhonda J Vickery and Matthew J Grismer

Visualizing Natural History in The Field Museum EMu Database
Authors: Kate Webbink, Marc Lambruschi, and Sharon Grant

Workflow to create interactive visualizations of geographic information centered in analysis tasks
Authors: Juan C. Ibarra, Jose T. Hernandez, and Frederic Merienne

High-Category Glyphs in Industry
Author: Richard Brath

Visual Analytics for Improving Efficiency in Mining Operations
Authors: Gilad Saadoun, Peter Bak, and Jonathan Bnayahu

Statistical Forecasting in the Energy Sector: Task Analysis and Lessons Learned from Deploying a Dashboard Solution
Authors: Thomas Muhlbacher, Clemens Arbesser, and Harald Piringer

Analysis and Visualization of Clostridium Difficile Hospital In-Ward Transmissions
Authors: Margaret Varga, Caroline Varga, and Ben Huston

Deploying Moored Profilers on the Ocean Floor
Author: Carolina Nobre

A Novel Distance Measure for Ocean Reconstruction from Sparse Observations Demonstrated on the Atlantic
Authors: Markus Kronenberger, Lorraine E. Lisiecki, Christopher Weber, Carlye Peterson, Geoffrey Gebbie, Howard J. Spero, Oliver Kreylos, Bernd Hamann, and Louise H. Kellogg, and Hans Hagen

Pre-filtering of turbulent vector fields in the geodynamo
Authors: Patrick Rudiger, Christopher Weber, Hiroaki Matsui, Eric Heien, Louise H. Kellogg, Bernd Hamann, and Hans Hagen

Visualization for Error-controlled Surface Reconstruction from Large Electron Microscopy Image Stacks
Authors: Julia Portl, Markus Reischl, Johannes Stegmaier, Rasmus Schroder, Ira V. Mang, and Heike Leitte

Visual Exploration in Surgery Monitoring for Coronary Vessels
Authors: Christina Gillmann, Thomas Wischgoll, and Hans Hagen