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VAST Challenge

Sunday, October 21, 2018
9AM - 6PM
Estrel A
Agenda: TBA
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VAST Challenge 2018: Suspense at the Wildlife Preserve
Authors: R. Jordan Crouser, Kristin Cook, John Fallon, Jereme Haack, Kristen Liggett, Diane Staheli, Mark A. Whiting

Mini-Challenge 1 Award: Application of Visual Data Science
VAST Challenge 2018 Mini Challenge 1 Award: Applied Visual Data Science
Authors: Andrei Rukavina, Sergio Banchero

Mini-Challenge 1 Award: Excellent Comprehensive Submission
Audio Explorer
Authors: Colin Scruggs, Cameron Henkel, Charles D. Stolper

Mini-Challenge 1 Honorable Mention: Critical Thinking
Visual Bird Watcher: Interactive Visual Analysis on Bird Distribution and Migration
Authors: Chuyue Ye, Sihang Li, Gang Li, Liang Tang, Dengfeng Zhang, Xinyue Luan, Zhuo Zhang, Xiaoru Yuan

Mini-Challenge 1 Honorable Mention: Interactive Analytic Tool
Interactive Webtool for Tempospatial Data and Visual Audio Analysis
Authors: Benedikt Bäumle, Ina Boesecke, Raphael Buchmüller, Yannick Metz, Juri Buchmüller, Eren Cakmak, Wolfgang Jentner, Daniel A. Keim

Mini-Challenge 2 Award: Elegant Design of an Interactive Display
Identifying Patterns and Anomalies within Spatiotemporal Water Sampling Data
Authors: Isabel Piljek, Giuliana Dehn, Jannik Frauendorf, Ziad Salem, Yerzhan Niyazbayev, Juri Buchmüller, Eren Cakmak, Wolfgang Jentner, Florian Stoffel, Daniel A. Keim

Mini-Challenge 2 Award: Strong Support for Exploratory Analysis
MTDES: Multi-dimensional Temporal Data Exploration System
Authors: Vung V. Pham, Tommy Dang

Mini-Challenge 2 Honorable Mention: Clarity of Narrative
Unearthing the X-Streams: Visualizing water contamination
Authors: Akangsha Bandalkul, Angad Srivastava, Kishan Bharadwaj Shridhar, Ong Guan Jie Jason, Zhang Yanrong

Mini-Challenge 2 Honorable Mention: Use of Projection to Highlight Outliers
Time Series Projection to Highlight Trends and Outliers
Authors: Eren Cakmak, Daniel Seebacher, Juri Buchmüller, Daniel A. Keim

Mini-Challenge 3 Award: Insignts Generated through Use of a Custom Tool
Visual Analysis for Subgroups in a Dynamic Network
Authors: Qi Ma, Xueshi Wei, Liwenhan Xie, Zhiyi Yin, Yiping Liu, Chuanming Huang, Xiaoru Yuan

Mini-Challenge 3 Honorable Mention: Representation of Small-Scale Temporal Patterns
TimeMatrix: Visual Representation for Temporal Pattern Detection in Dynamic Networks
Authors: Tommy Dang, Vung V. Pham

Mini-Challenge 1
Interactive Classification Using Spectrograms and Audio Glyphs
Authors: Eren Cakmak, Udo Schlegel, Matthias Miller, Juri Buchmüller, Wolfgang Jentner, Daniel A. Keim

They do move! Visual Analytics of Rose-Crested Blue Pipit Habitat
Authors: Elena Ginina, Michael Beham, Denis Gracanin, Rainer Splechtna, Kresimir Matkovic

PhoenixMap: Spatio-Temporal Distribution Analysis with Deep Learning Classifications
Authors: Junhan Zhao, Xiang Liu, Chen Guo, Ryan Guan, Josephine Zhang, Baijian Yang, Zhenyu Qian, Yingjie Chen

Mini-Challenge 2
Multilevel Visual Clustering Exploration for Incomplete Time-series in Water Samples
Authors: Daniel Alcaide, Jan Aerts

A Unified Approach for Sampling and Measurement Joint Analysis
Authors: Pablo Santoro, Rubén Flecha, Juan Pablo Pilorget

Using Tableau to Discover the Effect of Chemical Release at Wildlife Preserve
Authors: Bo Sun, Benjamin Weidner, Simon Su

River-water Quality Exploration
Authors: Michael Beham, Rainer Splechtna, Denis Gracanin, Elena Ginina, Kresimir Matkovic

ContourMap: Contour based Visualization of Water Chemical Data
Authors: Chen Guo, Ryan Guan, Josephine Zhang, Yingjie Victor Chen, Zhenyu Cheryl Qian

Mini-Challenge 3
Discovering Suspicious Patterns Using a Graph Based Approach
Authors: Sirisha Velampalli, Lenin Mookiah, William Eberle

A Visualization Study on Visual Analysis to Explore the Organizational Structure of the Group within a Factory
Authors: Bo Sun, Ce Pang