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Best Poster Awards

Best Posters:

CerebroVis: Topology and Constraint-based Network Layout for the Visualization of Cerebrovascular Arteries
Authors: Aditeya Pandey, Harsh Shukla, Geoffrey S. Young, Lei Qin, Cody Dunne, Michelle A. Borkin

Developing Virtual Reality Visualizations of Dinosaur Track Creation with Scientific Sketching
Authors: Johannes Novotny, Joshua Tveite, Morgan L. Turner, Stephen Gatesy, Fritz Drury, Peter Falkingham, David H. Laidlaw

Conveying Uncertainty in Archived War Diaries with GeoBlobs
Authors: Johannes Liem, Eirini Goudarouli, Steven Hirschorn, Jo Wood, Charles Perin

Urban DataSphere: Exploring Immersive Multiview Visualizations in Cities
Authors: Maxim Spur, Vincent Tourre

Honorable mentions:

Evaluation of Guide Wire Proficiency During a Catheter-based Intervention
Authors: Johannes Waschke, Katja Isabel Paul, Peter Lanzer, Mario, Hlawitschka

Integrated Visualization of Structure and Attribute Similarity of Multivariate Graphs
Authors: Philip Berger, Mohammad Chegini, Heidrun Schumann, Christian Tominski

Visualizing Time in Temporal Event Sequences
Authors: Jessica Magallanes-Castaneda, Lindsey van Gemeren, Steven Wood, Maria-Cruz Villa-Uriol

Data Embroidery: Exploring Alternative Mediums for Personal Physicalization
Authors: Kendra Wannamaker, Lora Oehlberg, Sheelagh Carpendale, Wesley Willett

A Scale-Space Filtering Approach for the Multi-Resolution Illustrative Visualization of Multivariate Data
Authors: Jenny Hyunjung Lee, Klaus Mueller