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Travel Directions

The following are available options for getting to the Hyatt Regency Phoenix hotel, directly adjacent to the Phoenix Convention center where VIS will be hosted this year. The Phoenix Convention Center is four miles from Sky Harbor International Airport. Guests flying into Phoenix have multiple transportation options, including shuttles, taxis, sedans, or the Metro Light Rail which has dedicated stops at the Convention Center.

The Hyatt Regency Phoenix is located at:

122 North Second Street
Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 85004

The main transportation options from Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) are:

  • Uber (15mins) ($14-$19)
  • Taxi (15mins) ($20+)
  • Light Rail (30mins) ($2.00)

Light Rail Directions

In the airport, board the Sky Train that will take you to the light rail station at 44th Street. (It takes the Sky Train about five minutes to travel from Terminal 4 to the light rail station at 44th Street - slightly longer for the other terminals.) From 44th Street, purchase a light rail ticket ($2.00) and board the Valley Metro Rail heading West to 19th Ave/Dunlap. Disembark at the 3rd Street/Washington Light Rail Station.

For more information on the convention center, visit their website.