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IEEE SciVis 2018 - Short Paper Call for Participation

For the first time, the 2018 IEEE Scientific Visualization (SciVis) conference solicits submissions in a new short paper format. Short papers offer a new way to contribute recent results and preliminary work to the VIS conference, which may be especially valuable for younger researchers. Accepted short papers will be presented at the VIS conference, in a 10 minute presentation (half the 20 minute full paper presentation).

The IEEE SciVis short papers have the same Topics and Types as SciVis full papers. The difference is that short papers are half the length: four pages plus up to one page of references. Submissions will be in the VGTC conference two-column format, in line with the IEEE VIS formatting guidelines.

The short paper submission deadline is June 13, 2018, creating an opportunity to showcase late-breaking research results arising after the full paper deadline in March. This deadline is one week after the June 6 notification for conditional acceptance of full papers, enabling the distillation and focused expression of work that otherwise might not be part of VIS. Short papers also complement the Poster format (with a June 16 deadline). Short papers will be reviewed based on guidelines that encourage accepting work that is more modest in scope than full papers, but still significant and interesting for the VIS audience. Short papers will be included on the conference proceedings and go under the SciVIs title in IEEE Xplore with a proper DOI number.

Authors of accepted short papers may subsequently submit to TVCG (the journal, not to the VIS conference) a full paper on the same topic, consistent with the TVCG standard of asking for “more than 30 percent new material and insights” compared to a previous conference paper.

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: June 13, 2018
  • Notification: July 19, 2018
  • Submission of Camera-Ready Final Version: August 1, 2018

All deadlines are at 5:00pm Pacific Time (PDT).

SciVis Short Paper Co-Chairs:

  • Berk Geveci, Kitware Inc.
  • Gordon Kindlmann, University of Chicago, USA
  • Luis Gustavo Nonato, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil


Program Committee

Dirk Zeckzer Leipzig University
Nivan Ferreira Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
John Patchett Los Alamos National Laboratory
Brian Summa Tulane University
Johanna Beyer Harvard University
Hongfeng Yu University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Peter Lindstrom Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Chaoli Wang University of Notre Dame
Kristi Potter National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Torsten Kuhlen RWTH Aachen University
Ayan Biswas Los Alamos National Laboratory
Greg Abram University of Texas at Austin
David Schroeder Gonzaga University
Hank Childs University of Oregon
Alejandro Ribes EDF Lab
Aashish Chaudhary Kitware Inc.
Carson Brownlee Intel
Allen Sanderson University of Utah
Huy Vo The City College of New York
Patrick O’Leary Kitware, Inc.
Guido Reina University of Stuttgart