Welcome to VisWeek 2011!


The FINAL PROGRAM for VisWeek is now available! Download it HERE (NOTE: It's a large file. It might take a while to download.) You can also download the pocket week-at-a-glance version here.

VisWeek 2011 Keynote Speaker will be Professor Paul Thagard, from University of Waterloo. His talk will be Visual Thinking in Discovery and Invention: From Physics to Cognitive Social Science.

Also... VisWeek 2011 Capstone Speaker will be Amanda Cox, from The New York Times Graphics Department. Her talk will be How Editing and Design Changes News Graphics.

VisWeek 2011 is the premier forum for visualization advances for academia, government, and industry, bringing together researchers and practitioners with a shared interest in tools, techniques, technology and theory. The week is organized around three separate conferences:

  • IEEE Visualization 2011. This conference was the original venue for all visualization research, and it remains centered around the exploration and formalization of visualization methodologies for data that has an intrinsic spatial component. 2011 will mark the 22nd aniversary of the conference. 
  • IEEE Information Visualization 2011. Already in its 17th edition, this conference responds to the need for a specific area of research to investigate cognitively useful visual mappings for datasets that are not inherently spatial, and accompanying the mapping by interaction techniques that allow people to intuitively explore them. 
  • IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology 2011. Building on the foundations established in the Visualization and Information Visualization conferences, VAST is motivated by the need for a deeper understanding of the reasoning processes involved in visual analysis, the need to combine information from multiple sources (spatial and non-spatial, real and theoretical) in visual environments, and the application of visual environments to generate useful insight about real-world problems. This will be the 6th IEEE VAST conference. 

Throughout the week a variety of papers, panels, workshops, tutorials, and posters, will be presented for all three conferences, along with industry exhibitions, interactive demonstrations, a doctoral colloquium, and many impromptu birds-of-a-feather meetings among researchers and experts from the visualization community attending the conference. VisWeek 2011 Call for Participation posters can be downloaded here in different formats: A4, Letter, or Tabloid. Distribute them and invite people to participate!

There are also two IEEE symposia taking place during VisWeek 2011: the 1st IEEE Symposium on Large-Scale Data Analysis and Visualization, and the 1st IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization.

In 2011, IEEE VisWeek comes to the beautiful city of Providence, RI, the capital city of the smallest state in the country, but packed with exciting entertainment, shopping and food options. A lively downtown area just steps away from the conference hotel, a multi-cultural mix of many award-winning restaurants in several neighbourhoods all in walking distance, a wonderful and elaborate river-walk area for relaxing, and a vibrant art-scene, are all settled among scores of immaculately preserved homes from the Colonial, Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian eras. Come join us!

Private Meeting Request Form

If you're planning on having a private meeting (exhibitor, committee, etc.) and need conference facilities, please click here to download the Meeting Request Form (PDF). Please see the form for submission instructions.

VisWeek General Chairs

David Laidlaw, Brown University
Ross Whitaker, University of Utah

VisWeek Conference Chairs

Jean-Daniel Fekete, INRIA (InfoVis)
David Laidlaw, Brown University (Vis)
William Pike, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (VAST)
Jonathan Roberts, Bangor University (VAST)

Questions? Email info@visweek.org