Pre-Approved Workshops

These workshops were pre-approved by the VIS Executive Committee. Please visit their individual websites for details on the topics and submission deadlines.

Accepted Workshops

Additional workshops will be selected through our submission/review process.

VIS4DH: 8th Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities

Alfie Abdul-Rahman, King’s College London
Eric Alexander, Carleton College


The VIS4DH workshop brings together researchers and practitioners from the fields of visualization and the humanities to discuss new research directions at the intersection of visualization and (digital) humanities research.

VISxAI: 6th Workshop on Visualization for AI Explainability

Angie Boggust, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mennatallah El-Assady, ETH AI Center
Fred Hohman, Apple
Adam Perer, Carnegie Mellon University
Hendrik Strobelt, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
Zijie Jay Wang, Georgia Tech


The role of visualization in artificial intelligence (AI) gained significant attention in recent years. With the growing complexity of AI models, the critical need for understanding their inner-workings has increased. Visualization is potentially a powerful technique to fill such a critical need.

The goal of this workshop is to initiate a call for “explainables” / “explorables” that explain how AI techniques work using visualization. We believe the VIS community can leverage their expertise in creating visual narratives to bring new insight into the often obfuscated complexity of AI systems.

TopoInVis: Workshop on Topological Data Analysis and Visualization

Paul Rosen, University of South Florida


The IEEE VIS Workshop on Topological Data Analysis and Visualization aims at being an inclusive forum for the fast dissemination of the latest results in theory, algorithms, and applications of topological methods for the interactive and visual analysis of data. This workshop is a remodeling of the established TopoInVis workshop series, with the goal of being more diverse (in terms of applications) and inclusive (in terms of communities), with a clear will to open to other members of the visualization community potentially interested in topological methods, or experts in topological methods from other communities willing to experiment with interactive and visual applications.

VAHC: 14th Workshop on Visual Analytics in Healthcare

Jürgen Bernard, University of Zurich
Annie T. Chen, University of Washington
Danny T.Y. Wu, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


The Workshop on Visual Analytics in Healthcare is the premier research event exploring the application of data visualization and visual analytics to biomedicine. VAHC 2022 will bring together medical experts, leading scientists, and visionaries to discuss opportunities and challenges in using visual analytics techniques to help patients, clinicians, public health researchers, and others leverage the power of complex health datasets.