More details about posters and their associated presentations will be released with the VIS Online Content Website.

Dissecting Geo-Infographics: A Study on Visualizing Geographic Data
Authors: Xinyuan Zhang, Yu Liu, Lingyun Yu

TangibleChannel: An Innovative Data Physicalization System for Visual Channel Education
Authors: Siqi Xie, Yu Liu, Lingyun Yu

A Preliminary Design Space for Immersive Data Storytelling
Authors: Radhika Jain, Kadek Ananta Satriadi, Ross Smith, Andrew Cunningham

What is Visualization for Communication? Analyzing Four Years of VisComm Papers
Authors: Vedanshi Shah, Ab Mosca

Effects of Spatial Abilities and Domain on Estimation of Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient
Authors: Sara Tandon, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Rita Borgo

Good News or Bad News First: Bias from Visualization Sequences
Authors: Watcharich Sriswasdi, Prawit Banjong, Puripant Ruchikachorn

MultiCaM-Vis: Visual Exploration of Multi-Classification Model with High Number of Classes
Authors: Syed Ahsan Ali Dilawer, Shah Rukh Humayoun

A Prototype Visualisation Tool for Biocontrol Researchers.
Authors: Lauren Stevens, Louise Ord, Nunzio Knerr, Ben Gooden, Alexander Schmidt-Lebuhn

RTVis: Research Trend Visualization Toolkit
Authors: Xingyu Shen, Yueqian Lin, Zhixian Zhang, Xin Tong

Back to the Graphs: A Collection of Datasets and Quality Criteria for Temporal Networks Layout and Visualization
Authors: Velitchko Filipov, Alessio Arleo, Tatiana von Landesberger, Daniel Archambault

DUVis: A visual analytics tool for supporting a trans-disciplinary project
Authors: Alexander Rigby, Peter Butcher, Roberta Bellini, Paul Coughlan, Aonghus McNabola, Panagiotis Ritsos

Understanding Auto-Scheduling Optimizations for Model Deployment via Visualizations
Authors: Laixin Xie, Chenyang Zhang, Ruofei Ma, Xing Jiang, Xingxing Xing, Wei Wan, Quan Li

Evaluating the Effectiveness of AI-Generated Device Representations in Digital Twin Visualizations
Authors: Jiachun Du, Wei Zhao, Hanyue Duan, Xiaofan Liu

Refreshable Tactile Displays for Accessible Data Visualisation
Authors: Leona Holloway, Peter Cracknell, Kate Stephens, Melissa Fanshawe, Samuel Reinders, Kim Marriott, Matthew Butler

The Need for Visual Knowledge Elicitation
Authors: Lydia Byrne

Towards an Exploratory Visual Analytics System for Griefer Identification in MOBA Games
Authors: Zixin Chen, Shiyi Liu, Zhihua Jin, Gaoping Huang, Yang Chao, ZHENCHUAN YANG, Quan Li, Huamin Qu

A method for Critical and Creative Visualisation Design-Thinking
Authors: Jonathan Roberts, Hanan Alnjar, Aron Owen, Panagiotis Ritsos

Circles: Inter-Model Comparison of Multi-Classification Problems with High Number of Classes
Authors: Nina Mir, Ragaad Al-Tarawneh, Shah Rukh Humayoun

ManimML: Communicating Machine Learning Architectures with Animation
Authors: Alec Helbling, Duen Horng Chau

TECVis: A Visual Analytics Tool to Compare People’s Emotion Feelings
Authors: Ilya Nemtsov, MST Jasmine Jahan, Chuting Yan, Shah Rukh Humayoun

Insights into Net Promoter Score (NPS®) Surveys with Microsoft Power BI and Advance Analytics
Authors: Joel Low, Hemen Patel, Siddharth Goyal

Multi-Device Forensic Autopsy Documentation and Report Generation Using Mixed Reality
Authors: Vahid Pooryousef, Lonni Besançon, Maxime Cordeil, Richard Bassed, Tim Dwyer

Towards Better Understanding: Proposing Effective Visualization Methods for Analyzing Argument in Debate
Authors: Kwanghyuk Moon, Hyoji Ha, Kyungwon Lee

Design Space Exploration of Accessible DanceVis
Authors: Madhuka De Silva, Matthew Butler, Leona Holloway, Jim Smiley, Sarah Goodwin

Landslide visualization situated on tangible terrain models
Authors: Haobo Li, Kentaro Takahira, Kam Kwai Wong, Leni Yang, Wai Tong, Huamin Qu

Incorporating ML in Interaction-Intensive Workflows
Authors: Grace Minai, Denton Bobeldyk, Jonathan Leidig

Error Measurement and Visualization in 3D Volume Data
Authors: Man Hee Lee, Chang Joon Park

Visualization of Complexion for Photo-Realistic Facial Expressions
Authors: younghee kim, Woo Jin Jeon, Kwanghyun Shim

Virtual Reality Training for Nosocomial Infections Prevention
Authors: Mengjie Fan, Shaoxing Zhang, Xintian Zhao, Xingyao Yu, Liang Zhou

Semantic-Aware Image Screening
Authors: Minshan Xie, Tien-Tsin Wong

Inspire and Create: Unveiling the Potential of VisDice in Visualization Design
Authors: Aron Owen, Jonathan Roberts

Countering Simpson’s Paradox with Counterfactuals
Authors: Arran Zeyu Wang, David Borland, David Gotz

Diffusion Explainer: Visual Explanation for Text-to-image Stable Diffusion
Authors: Seongmin Lee, Benjamin Hoover, Hendrik Strobelt, Zijie Wang, ShengYun Peng, Austin Wright, Kevin Li, Haekyu Park, Haoyang Yang, Duen Horng Chau

Exploring Data Agency and Autonomous Agents as Embodied Data Visualizations
Authors: Sarah Schömbs, Jorge Goncalves, Wafa Johal

A Visual Survey of In-Situ Running Analytics
Authors: Ang Li, Stephen Viller, Gianluca Demartini, Maxime Cordeil

Reaching for Data: precise embodied selection-at-a-distance for immersive visualisation
Authors: Shaozhang Dai, Tim Dwyer, Barrett Ens, Lonni Besançon

Identifying Challenges in Designing, Developing and Evaluating Data Visualizations for Large Displays
Authors: Mahsa Sinaei, Pak Kwan, Matthew Klich, Jillian Aurisano, Fateme Rajabiyazdi

A Visual Analytic Environment to Co-locate Peoples’ Tweets with City Factual Data
Authors: snehal patil, Shah Rukh Humayoun

Time Walk: Blending Presence and History through AR Visualization
Authors: Wai Tong, Linping Yuan, Zikai Wen, Huamin Qu

Hierarchical Timeline Exploration for Collaborative Text Writing
Authors: Gabriel Dias Cantareira, Yiwen Xing, Nicholas Cole, Rita Borgo, Alfie Abdul-Rahman

TrafficBoard: Digital Spatio-Temporal Pinboard for Human Trafficking Detection
Authors: Catalina Vajiac, Duen Horng Chau, Andreas Olligschlaeger, Pratheeksha Nair, Meng-Chieh Lee, Mirela Cazzolato, Reihaneh Rabbany, Cara Jones, Christos Faloutsos

Enhancing Natural Language-Based Data Exploration with Analysis Pipeline Illustration
Authors: Yi Guo, Nan Cao, Xiaoyu Qi, Haoyang Li, Danqing Shi, Jing Zhang, Qing Chen

Understanding the Narrative: An Exploration of Narrative Structure and Visualisation Techniques in News Media
Authors: Songhai Fan, Ying Yang, Sarah Goodwin, Helen Purchase, Tim Dwyer, Simon Angus

Meta Design Studies : A Structured Approach for Deriving Domain-Orientied Visualization Recommendation Strategies
Authors: Manfred Klaffenboeck, Torsten Möller, Michael Gleicher, Michael Wimmer

A Normalised Metric for Edge Crossings
Authors: Gavin Mooney, Helen Purchase, Michael Wybrow

Breaking Down the Technical Barrier: Visual Programming Driven Dynamic Immersive Analytics using XROps
Authors: Suemin Jeon, JunYoung Choi, Haejin Jeong, Won-Ki Jeong

A Plot is Worth a Thousand Tests: Assessing Residual Diagnostics with the Lineup Protocol
Authors: Weihao Li, Di Cook, Emi Tanaka, Susan Vanderplas

The Golden Ratio in Narrative Structure: Visualizing the Rising-Climax in Data Videos
Authors: Xian Xu, David Yip, Huamin Qu

Plotting Apples, Oranges, and Distributions
Authors: Harriet Mason, Di Cook, Emi Tanaka, Sarah Goodwin, Ursula Laa