IEEE Governance Structure

IEEE Governance Structure

The IEEE VIS Governance Structure is described in the IEEE VIS Charter. This charter was written to unify the three V-I-S conferences: VAST, InfoVis, and SciVis in 2020. It replaced the IEEE VIS Executive Committee (VEC) Charter of 2015. It was guided by the VIS Restructuring reports delivered to the Phoenix and Berlin meetings, the reVISe committee Amended Recommendations (Area Model, Governance, Keywords, Transition Plan) of October 2019 (presented in Vancouver) and subsequent work by the reVISe committee, which has delivered a series of concrete proposals for an area model and governance structure for the new conference.

  • Current Charter Version: This version includes changes to the IEEE VIS election procedure approved by the IEEE VIS Steering committee on January 18, 2022.


  • Charter Version 2: This version includes minor typo fixes and clarifications spotted during the implementation of the charter. The IEEE VIS steering committee approved the changes on October 1st, 2020.

  • Original Version: This is the original version of the charter that started the new unified IEEE VIS governance model.