Open Practices arXiv Guidance

Updating the arXiv record post publication

Once your paper is processed for publication by IEEE (post final acceptance) and after you receive the DOI, you must post an IEEE copyright notice on your preprint. According to IEEE author FAQ, you can replace the preprint with either: 1) the full citation to the IEEE work with Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) or a link to the paper’s abstract in IEEE Xplore, or 2) the accepted version only (not the IEEE published version), including the IEEE copyright notice and full citation, with a link to the final, published paper in IEEE Xplore.

After you follow the guidance on the Open Access Preprint Guide and FAQ under the “Which version of the paper can I share?” heading and produced a pdf with a DOI link and copyright statement on it, you will also need to revise the version on arXiv.

When revising the article on arXiv, you can follow the following steps:

  • Login to arXiv, and you should see your paper under “Articles You Own”
  • Under the “Actions” menu, click the “Replace” icon.
  • Once you are on the “Add Files” tab, select the “Bring files forward from previous version” to replace the TeX files. However, if you originally were able to submit a pdf directly, you can upload the pdf directly at this stage.

  • [If you are uploading TeX files] Replace any files you have changed since the last version.
  • Once arXiv processed your pdf, and you are on the “Metadata” tab. arXiv has guidance here to support you in entering information here. For VIS papers, make sure to include the following information on this tab:
    • Enter the paper’s DOI. arXiv has some guidance here.
    • Include ACM classification keywords. Note that arXiv supports only the 1998 classification in the meta data (H. Information Systems and I. Computing Methodologies are good starting points).
    • Under the comments section, add a reference to IEEE VIS. You can also add ACM 2012 classification keywords as the ACM 2012 classification is more representative of visualization research. The comment note could look like (choose one of “InfoVis/VAST/SciVis” and relevant keywords):

      IEEE VIS (InfoVis/VAST/SciVis) 2020

      ACM 2012 CCS - Human-centered computing, Visualization, Visualization design and evaluation methods

    • Even though it is for papers on the math archive, you can include a Mathematics Subject Classification as well. 68Uxx offers some potential candidates
  • Once done, arXiv should process your revision in a few days and notify you.

Support pages from arXiv provide further guidance on the replacement process here.