A Personal Life Review Photo Presentation Using Storyline Visualization Technique

Yuka Nomura, Takayuki Itoh, Satoshi Nakamura
People often take photos as memorabilia by capturing moments and people who are together. Since photo browsing is an effective way to reminisce the memories, people like to use photo collections as enjoyable presentations for themselves or their friends. In addition, personal photo presentation is often used for psychological therapies. In this poster, we present a novel technique for reviewing personal lives and reminiscing memories through the presentation of personal photos. The technique first applies time-varying clustering to organize a person-tagged photo collection, and then it employs the storyline visualization method to layout the clustering result. It further divides photo collections into two levels applying a hierarchal clustering algorithm and chooses important photos as representative ones of each cluster by solving the knapsack problem. After these pre-processing steps, the photo collection is ready for browsing through a GUI with interactive level-of-detail control. Our technique effectively helps user to understand what kind of events and persons exist in each aspect of the photo owner's life by exploring the personal photo collection.