Conference Registration

This year brings challenges, but also opportunities. While we are saddened by the fact that we cannot be together in Salt Lake City, we are excited by the opportunity a virtual format brings us to expand our community. Even virtual conferences have costs, and hence registration fees are a necessity. To encourage new attendees and ensure maximum exposure for our various content presenters, we have made conference participation for conference attendees free while charging a fee for our content providers.

We invite registrants requiring support due to special circumstances to apply for the use of the diversity and inclusivity funds and/or limited fee waiver funds (as appropriate), which may be used to offset registration costs. This model, while imperfect, aims at making sure that we keep running a vibrant and fiscally healthy conference even during these difficult times. Note that this year (only), the registration will be attached to content-items (e.g. papers, short papers, posters, panel organization, etc.). Only one author in the case of papers, short papers and similar documents which are considered content-items must register. Workshops and panels are considered separately. For further information, please see our Registration FAQ.

All attendees need to register online in advance.

The early registration period for the Virtual IEEE VIS 2020 lasts until October 9th, 2020. Afterwards the standard registration fees apply.

To register, talk to our AI Assistant TINA

General attendees: Free conference registration will provide access to main conference tracks, symposia, tutorials and workshops. Conference publications will be made accessible for a limited time via miniconf site.

General attendees with conference content download : Same benefits for general attendees, plus link to downloadable VIS 2020 conference proceedings and content.

Content provider tier 1: Conference attendee paying for papers and short papers published at VIS2020 through IEEE TVCG / Xplore.

Content provider tier 2: Conference attendee paying for other content-items such as workshop organization and presentation, tutorials, panel organization, posters, application spotlights, invited presenters from TVCG and CG&A, etc.

Note to content providers: All content providers need to register in order to sign video waiver form. Content provider registration fees must be paid for each content-item (see the FAQ for more details), and these fees must be paid prior to the conference.

All registration fees will be charged in USD dollars.

Conference Registration Category Category Early Fees USD (Ends October 9th) Late Fees USD (Begins October 10th)
General attendee Free Free
General attendee plus downloadable content $10 $10
Content provider tier 1 $400 $450
Content provider tier 2 $100 $150

Registration fees are not refundable. Please submit all cancellation requests to

Fee waiver

We realize that this year has impacted people in various ways — sometimes very disproportionately. If due to various hardship circumstances you are required to register due to providing a content-item but are not able to do so, you may apply for a fee waiver. These will be decided upon by the General Chairs and the VEC chair. To apply, please submit a one page (Letter/A4) request stating the content-item and the nature of your hardship request. Please submit your request to by October 9th for consideration.

Registration FAQs

Q: The term ‘content-item’ was used. What does this mean? I have not heard this at IEEE VIS before.

    For this year, we are associating fees with ‘content-items’ and not with participants. One or more content-items are associated with a paper, short paper, poster, presentation, associated event organization, panel organization, and contest organization. The details are provided in response to other questions.

Q: As a follow-up on the previous question: is the content-item registration fee the same for papers and workshops, etc.?

  • All papers and short papers in the main VIS tracks published in the IEEE TVCG journal or IEEE Xplore require one 'Tier 1' content-item registration fee.
  • All papers from associated events published in IEEE Xplore require one 'tier 1' content-item registration fee.
  • All posters require one 'Tier 2' content-item registration fee.
  • Workshops not choosing to publish on IEEE TVCG journal or IEEE Xplore, but that are part of the downloadable conference content, require up to two workshop organizer registrations (tier 2), and one payment for each content part of downloadable conference content (Cap of $1,200 per workshop).
  • All invited TVCG and CG&A papers require one 'Tier 2' content-item registration fee.
  • Panel speakers with short presentations will receive complimentary registrations.

Q: Are short papers part of Xplore?

    Yes, papers and short papers are both archival publications through Xplore and therefore considered 'Tier 1' content-items.

Q: I am a contributor to multiple content-items. Do I need to register multiple times?

    Not necessarily. Each content-item requires only one registration fee be paid. For example: If paper X has authors A,B,C and poster Y has authors B,C,D: only two paid content-item registrations are needed. For example authors A and C may register.

Q: How do you decide who should pay for the content-item registration?

    We have decided to leave this decision up to the discretion of the authors/organizers of each content-item.

Q: I am a co-author on a paper, and a subgroup of the co-authors have decided to split the content-item registration cost. Can this be done? Can we get separate (split bill) receipts?

    Under special circumstances and with some restrictions, this may be do-able. You should reach out to

Q: I am the author presenting a paper. Do I need to be the one who registers for this content-item?

    No. Any author can register.

If you have additional clarification questions, please contact: