Best Paper Awards

Best paper and honorable mention awards are selected per conference track by a dedicated committee of experienced community members. Both awards recognize outstanding work from the pool of accepted papers in each conference track. Best paper committees use a variety of criteria to select the best paper including potential impact to the community, the importance of any results obtained, technical challenges overcome, etc.


Best Paper Award

VATLD: A Visual Analytics System to Assess, Understand and Improve Traffic Light Detection
Authors: Liang Gou, Lincan Zou, Nanxiang Li, Michael Hofmann, Shekar Arvind Kumar, Axel Wendt, and Liu Ren

Best Paper Honorable Mention

In Search of Patient Zero: Visual Analytics of Pathogen Transmission Pathways in Hospitals
Authors: Tom Baumgartl, Markus Petzold_, Marcel Wunderlich, Markus Höhn, Daniel Archambault, Michael Lieser, Alexander Dalpke, Simone Scheithauer, Michael Marschollek, Vanessa M. Eichel, Nico T. Mutters, and Tatiana von Landesberger

Preserving Minority Structures in Graph Sampling
Authors: Ying Zhao, Haojin Jiang, Qi’an Chen, Yaqi Qin, Huixuan Xie, Yitao Wu, Shixia Liu, Zhiguang Zhou, Jiazhi Xia, and Fangfang Zhou


Best Paper Award

Visual Reasoning Strategies and Satisficing: How Uncertainty Visualization Design Impacts Effect Size Judgments and Decisions
Authors: Alex Kale, Matthew Kay, and Jessica Hullman

Best Paper Honorable Mention

A Design Space of Vision Science Methods for Visualization Research
Authors: Madison Elliott, Christine Nothelfer Nielsen, Cindy Xiong, and Danielle Albers Szafir

A Simple Pipeline for Coherent Grid Maps
Authors: Wouter Meulemans, Max Sondag, and Bettina Speckmann

A Generic Framework and Library for Exploration of Small Multiples through Interactive Piling
Authors: Fritz Lekschas, Xinyi Zhou, Wei Chen, Nils Gehlenborg, Benjamin Bach, and Hanspeter Pfister

Data Visceralization: Enabling Deeper Understanding of Data Using Virtual Reality
Authors: Benjamin Lee, David Brown, Bongshin Lee, Christophe Hurter, Steven Drucker, and Tim Dwyer


Best Paper Award

Objective Observer-Relative Flow Visualization in Curved Spaces for Unsteady 2D Geophysical Flows
Authors: Peter Rautek, Matej Mlejnek, Johanna Beyer, Jakob Troidl, Hanspeter Pfister, Thomas Theussl, Markus Hadwiger

Best Paper Honorable Mention

Interactive Black Hole Visualization
Authors: Annemieke Verbraeck, Elmar Eisemann

Short Papers Awards

Best Paper Award

The Anatomical Edutainer
Authors: Marwin Schindler, Hsiang-Yun, Renata Georgia Raidou

Best Paper Honorable Mention

Encodable: Configurable Grammar for Visualization Components
Author: Krist Wongsuphasawat

PRAGMA: Interactively Constructing Functional Brain Parcellations
Authors: Authors: Roza Gunes Bayrak, Nhung Hoang, Colin Blake Hansen, Catie Chang, Matthew Berger