Final Information for Paper Authors

This page provides authors of accepted papers with important information for the remainder of the process until the conference.

Camera-Ready Paper Submission

DEADLINE: September 7. Submit final papers and supplemental materials via the IEEE submission system. A link to the IEEE submission system was included in your final paper acceptance letter.

Camera-ready papers may not exceed 11 pages (9 pages of main text and 2 pages of references). The VGTC website has complete information regarding formatting requirements of your final revised PDF. We do not need hardcopy.

Please check the second round reviewer comments (if any) and incorporate their suggestions. Note: there will not be further detailed proof-reading of your submission, so PLEASE read through your manuscript very carefully to fix any remaining grammar and spelling problems. If you are not a native English speaker, we very strongly recommend you recruit one to do the final careful pass on your paper. Also note the strict page limits. The 10th and 11th pages, if used, may not contain anything other than references (we will be strict on this). Finally, your paper should not be anonymized in the final version. The paper must include authors and affiliations. Note that if you have been anonymizing then you may find you have to trim your text to fit into the page limits once authors and affiliations are added.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the final submission data in PCS is identical to the final PDF (e.g., title, author names and last names, affiliations, author order, email addresses.) You might need to correct the information in your PCS login in order to update the author information. You can do this by logging into your PCS account > my account > Change my contact information.

You can submit a video of your work for inclusion in the digital archive. TVCG requires that supplemental material is also peer-reviewed, hence, this is only allowed if you have already submitted a video and if the reviewers have found it acceptable. Videos are usually up to 5 minutes in length, and you may also include other supplemental material such as additional images or source code. The IEEE submission system includes information on how to do so.

At least one author per accepted paper must register to present the work. There will be no fast-forward presentations at VIS this year.

Video Preview Submission

DEADLINE: September 14. It is mandatory for SciVis authors and optional for VAST and InfoVis authors to submit a 25-sec Video Preview. Video previews should be submitted through the IEEE submission system.

Paper Presentation Video Recording

DEADLINE: September 14. It is mandatory for authors of all VIS papers to submit a recording of their paper presentation. Presentations should be submitted through the IEEE submission system.

We provide a PowerPoint template that can be used for your presentation. Feel free to download the template with imperial measurements or metric measurements.

Common Editing Mistakes and Notes from TVCG

Under no circumstances will updates be accepted after 11.59 PM on September 7. We have allowed for exceptions in the past but we will be strict this year.

Common editing issues:

  • Use the correct JOURNAL style template (
  • Index terms are mandatory.
  • The abstract and index term sections use an em-dash between the heading and content; there should not be a space on either side of the em-dash and the content begins on the same line as the heading.
  • Acknowledgment section—is it complete and correct?
  • Titles: Capitalize the first letter of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; do not capitalize articles, coordinate conjunctions, or prepositions (unless the title begins with such a word).
  • Inclusion of the “manuscript received” block on the bottom of page 1 exactly as is. The ‘xx’ placeholders should remain. They will be populated at a later date by TVCG.
  • Do NOT include page numbers.
  • Figure captions begin with “Fig. #” and go below the figure.
  • Table captions begin with “Table #.” and go above the table.
  • Figures should not be formatted vertically along a page and authors should not be stacking double column figures on top of single column figures, and vice versa.
  • Text should not be wrapping around any figures, either.

Authors, please pay attention to the whole template, not just the list above.

We are looking forward to an exciting and vibrant IEEE VIS 2020!