The VIS Restructuring Committee (2016-2018)

The VIS Restructuring Committee was tasked in 2016 by the VEC (VIS Executive Committee) with considering alternative structures, such as a more unified conference, that may better enhance vibrancy and growth. It has generated the following documents:

Committee Members: Hanspeter Pfister (chair), Hans Hagen, Daniel Keim, Tamara Munzner, Stephen North

The VIS Restructuring Committee has concluded its work and has spawned new committees with a more specific mandate in 2019.

The reVISe Committee (2019-ongoing)

The reVISe Committee was struck in February 2019 by the VEC (VIS Executive Committee), with the mandate of creating a concrete proposal for re-organizing the academic conferences (VAST, InfoVis, SciVis) under a single umbrella, including paper reviewing and governance. It meets weekly, and posts intermediate work products regularly including summarized meeting minutes and key findings. To contact the committee with feedback on any aspect of its work, please write to

We made a google drive folder available that contains:

Also, we have prepared a document describing the area model that will be implemented starting in 2021.

Committee Members 2018-2019: Tamara Munzner (chair), Min Chen, Alex Endert, Christoph Garth, Petra Isenberg, Alexander Lex, Shixia Liu, Torsten Möller, Anders Ynnerman.
Committee Members 2019-2020: Christoph Garth (chair), Min Chen, Alex Endert, Petra Isenberg, Alexander Lex, Shixia Liu, Anders Ynnerman.