VIS Executive Committee

The role of the VEC is to oversee the planning and success of IEEE VIS. The VEC solicits bids for future VIS conferences, is involved in their planning and evaluates how well each VIS has achieved the objectives stated above. The VEC makes proposals for change for ratification by the VSC, and implements improvements to better meet conference objectives. For more information, see the IEEE VIS Charter. To contact the VEC, please e-mail

The current VEC members are:

Name Affiliation
Leilani Battle University of Washington
Anastasia Bezerianos LRI-Université Paris-Saclay
Matthew Brehmer Tableau
Rita Borgo King’s College London
Gautam Chaudhary (co-chair) **
Ross Maciejewski (co-chair) Arizona State University
Narges Mahyar University of Massachusetts Amherst
Elisabeta Marai University of Illinois at Chicago
Brian Summa Tulane University
Tatiana von Landesberger University of Cologne

VIS Executive and Steering Committee Elections

Each year the VIS community elects one new member each to the VEC and VSC. See the VIS Elections page for more details.

Public Meeting Notes

All public meeting notes are available here.