More detail about posters and their associated presentations will be released with the virtual website.

Evaluation of Argo Scholar with Observational Study
Authors: Kevin Li, Haoyang Yang, Evan Montoya, Anish Upadhayay, Zhiyan Zhou, Jon Saad-Falcon, Duen Horng Chau

HotShots: Visualizing Stroke-by-Stroke Tennis Data
Authors: Arvind Srinivasan, Abhinav Kannan, Niklas Elmqvist

Ditto: Exploring data in large display environments through speech+mid-air gesture interactions
Authors: Jillian Aurisano, Abeer Alsaiari, Abhinav Kumar, Moira Zellner, Jason Leigh, Barbara Di Eugenio, Andrew E Johnson

MitoVis: A Unified Visual Analytics System for End-to-End Neuronal Mitochondria Analysis
Authors: JunYoung Choi, Hyunjic Oh, Hakjun Lee, Su Yeon Kim, Seok-Kyu Kwon, Won-Ki Jeong

NeuroMapper: In-browser Visualizer for Neural Network Training
Authors: Zhiyan Zhou, Kevin Li, Haekyu Park, Megan Dass, Austin P. Wright, Nilaksh Das, Duen Horng Chau

A hybrid 3D eddy detection based on surface height and velocity field
Authors: Weiping Hua, Karen Bemis, Dujuan Kang, Sedat Ozer, Deborah Silver

Investigating the Use of Native and Secondary Language with Data Visualization in Madagascar
Authors: Henintsoa S. Andrianarivony, Taratra Dimbimandresy Raharison, Mirindra Toavina Nancy Ramarokoto, I. Tamby Rakotoniaina, Noëlle Rakotondravony, Lane Harrison

Plan Future Graph (PFG)
Authors: Bryan Croft

An Investigation into the Representational Suitability of Tree Visualizations
Authors: Omkar Saiswaroop Varma Chekuri, Chris Weaver

Towards an Exploratory Visual Analytics System for Multivariate Subnetworks in Social Media Analysis
Authors: Zeyang Huang, Kostiantyn Kucher, Andreas Kerren

Visual Utility Evaluation of Differentially Private Scatterplots
Authors: Liudas Panavas, Tarik Crnovrsanin, Ali Sarvghad, Melanie Tory, Cody Dunne

AI-based Visual Support for Clinical Diagnosis of Pediatric Suprasellar Tumors and Impacts on Decision-Making Confidence
Authors: Eric Prince, David Mirsky, Todd Hankinson, Carsten Görg

Visual Analytics System for Data Quality Improvement
Authors: Hyein Hong, Sangbong Yoo, Yejin Jin, Yun Jang

Visualization of Text Annotations for Corpus Development
Authors: Huan He, Sunyang Fu, Liwei Wang, Andrew Wen, Sijia Liu, Sungrim Moon, Kurt Miller, Hongfang Liu

Eliciting High-Level Visual Comprehension: A Qualitative Study
Authors: Ghulam Jilani Quadri, Danielle Albers Szafir

Visual Analysis for Urban Traffic Network with Multiple CCTV Videos
Authors: ChanYoung Yoon, Soobin Yim, Sangbong Yoo, Hanbyul Yeon, Giwoong Park, Yun Jang

Traffic Causal Relationship Analysis with Causal Density
Authors: Soobin Yim, Chanyoung Jung, Giwoong Park, Yun Jang

Visual Exploration of Pairwise Meta-Analysis Results in Real Time
Authors: Huan He, Irbaz Bin Riaz, Syed Arsalan Ahmed Naqvi, Rabbia Siddiqi, Noureen Asghar, Mahnoor Islam, M. Hassan Murad, Hongfang Liu

Effectiveness Validation of Visualization Designs
Authors: Soobin Yim, ChanYoung Yoon, Sangbong Yoo, Yun Jang

Healthy Me: a personal visual health journal for self-reflection and knowledge sharing
Authors: Lakshmi Priya Kenday Sivaram, Lyn Bartram

NOVA: A Practical Method for Creating Notebook-Ready Visual Analytics
Authors: Zijie J. Wang, David Munechika, Seongmin Lee, Duen Horng Chau

A Digital Clipboard for Real-Time Observations and Multimodal Annotations of Team Performance
Authors: Jason Phadnis, Daniel F. Keefe, Cullen D. Jackson

Olli: An Extensible Visualization Library for Screen Reader Accessibility
Authors: Matthew Blanco, Jonathan Zong, Arvind Satyanarayan

Processing Fluency Improves Trust in Scatterplot Visualizations
Authors: Hamza Elhamdadi, Lace Padilla, Cindy Xiong

Dynamic visualizations for violence prevention
Authors: Luke Demarest

AnnoDiver: Applying Visual Analytics on Social Annotations to Facilitate Balanced Research Paper Discourse
Authors: Nick Feffer, Jasmine Yen-Ching Shih, Miroslav Ivan Suzara, Kevin Wang

A Qualitative Evaluation and Taxonomy of Bar Chart Annotations
Authors: Md Dilshadur Rahman, Ghulam Jilani Quadri, Paul Rosen

Effect of Spatial Visualization on Recall of Bar Charts
Authors: Sara Tandon, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Rita Borgo

Multisensory Modeling for Enhanced User Perception
Authors: Shamima Yasmin

Geospatial flow data extraction and visualization using Earth mover’s distance
Authors: Adam Mertel, Justin M. Calabrese

A Design Space for Linked 2D and 3D Visual Representations
Authors: Ebrar A. D. Santos, Jiayi Hong, Tobias Isenberg

Linked Spatial and Temporal Normalization for Analysis of Cyclical 4D Skeletal Motion Data
Authors: Morgan L. Turner, Bridger Herman, Matthias Broske, Daniel F. Keefe

How to Visualize Food Quantities to Prevent Food Waste? Examples and Challenges
Authors: Morgane Koval, Yvonne Jansen

Digestable: Condensed Views of Tabular Data
Authors: David Borland, David Gotz

Reordering for Matrix Visualization with Reorder.js
Authors: Nathan van Beusekom, Jean-Daniel Fekete

Ambienizer: Turning Digital Photos into Ambient Visualizations
Authors: Ji Hwan Park, Arie Kaufman, Klaus Mueller

The Mental Number Line for Bar Graph Comprehension
Authors: Jimin Park, Sashank Varma

Direct Neighbor Search for Curve-based Vector Field Processing
Authors: Nguyen K. Phan, Guoning Chen

Hairpin Vortex Identification using Template Fitting on Vortex Corelines
Authors: Adeel Zafar, Guoning Chen

Visualization for On and Off the Rails: Train Commuting Dashboards for DC
Authors: Jacob Rosen, Jeffrey Zhang, Alex Godwin

Visualizing the CAST of Characters Labeled in Animation
Authors: Oron Nir, Avi Neeman, Ariel Shamir

Evaluating Cardiovascular Surgical Planning in Mobile Augmented Reality
Authors: Haoyang Yang, Pratham Darrpan Mehta, Jonathan Leo, Zhiyan Zhou, Megan Dass, Anish Upadhayay, Timothy C. Slesnick, Fawwaz Shaw, Amanda Randles, Duen Horng Chau

Online Study on Reading Behavior of Data-Rich Texts with Integrated Word-Scale Visualizations
Authors: Franziska Huth, Lukas Kaminski, Fairouz Grioui, Tanja Blascheck

Scanpath Visualization According to Fixations with Gazed Objects
Authors: Sangbong Yoo, Soobin Yim, ChanYoung Yoon, Hyein Hong, Yun Jang

NLP For Vis: Designing a Chart to Alt Text Model
Authors: Ihita Mandal, Frank Elavsky, Dominik Moritz