VISKids Child Care Grants

The IEEE VIS conference is excited to support our VISKids and young families!

Grants of up to $500 per family are available for VIS attendees who incur extra expenses while participating in VIS. The grants will be given as a reimbursement for expenses but attendees are responsible for making their own arrangements for child care. If requests exceed available funding, or if additional funding becomes available, preference will be given to students and early career attendees who are presenting at the conference.

Examples of allowable expenses

  • Home-based babysitting or child care services incurred because of attendance at the conference or approved satellite events.
  • Babysitting or child care services on location in the city of the conference or approved satellite events.
  • Expenses incurred in bringing a caregiver (or family member not attending the meeting acting as a caregiver) to the meeting. This includes airfare/train fare and hotel expenses.
  • Travel expenses for the child, limited to reimbursement of airfare/train fare.

Not eligible for reimbursement

  • Travel or other expenses related to the attendee’s participation in the meeting, including meeting registration, meals, travel to the meeting (including private automobile mileage or tolls), or other expenses the attendee would already be incurring by attending the meeting.
  • Meals for the child, toys, and tickets to museums, amusement parks, etc.
  • On-going home-based child care expenses.

Reimbursement procedure

  • Recipients of a child care grant must submit receipts for reimbursable expenses.
  • Reimbursements will be distributed after the conference.
  • A reimbursement form will be distributed to grant awardees by email.

Application and deadline

  • Application Form
  • Deadline: August 14, 2022
  • Notifications Sent: Augest 26, 2022


Please contact with any questions about the childcare grants program.

Support VISKids

If you are interested in being a VISKids supporter, please contact

VISKids Events

VISKids Room

Throughout the duration of the conference, VISKids will have a room for meetings, discussions, play, and personal considerations (e.g., nursing). Kids are very welcome and encouraged to come hang-out!

VISKids Hello

At the beginning of the conference, we will have a short gathering to inform about the VISKids grants and activities. The VISKids co-chairs will answer all questions. Everyone is welcome.

VISKids Community

We share further information with the VISKids Community in an online document. We invite you to participate and share your ideas and tips.

NOTE: There will be no conference sponsored childcare services on-site at the meeting or satellite events. The conference does not sanction or recommend specific childcare providers, and does not assume responsibility or liability for childcare services of any sort. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to thoroughly investigate all childcare providers.