Best Paper Awards

Best paper and honorable mention awards are selected by a dedicated committee of experienced community members. Both awards recognize outstanding work from the pool of accepted papers. Best paper committees use a variety of criteria to select the best paper including potential impact to the community, the importance of any results obtained, technical challenges overcome, etc.

Full Papers

The Best Papers Committee for VIS 2022 full papers consists of seven distinguished members: Tamara Munzner (chair), Remco Chang, Ingrid Hotz, Petra Isenberg, Tatiana von Landesberger, Rüdiger Westermann, and Xiaoru Yuan. The Papers Chairs Committee would like to thank the Best Papers Committee for their work and to congratulate the awardees!

Best Papers

Affective Learning Objectives for Communicative Visualizations
Authors: Elsie Lee-Robbins, Eytan Adar

Justification: “This thoughtful and well-written paper presents an interesting and provocative perspective on visualization design, with a clear and compelling argument that all visualizations are affective whether that context is explicitly discussed or not. The paper’s proposed taxonomy of affective learning objectives is informed by a methodologically sound and well-designed qualitative study. It provides guidance on how to improve the visualization community’s mechanisms to surface those decisions, and help visualization designers reflect upon them.”

Multiple Forecast Visualizations (MFVs): Trade-offs in Trust and Performance in Multiple COVID-19 Forecast Visualizations
Authors: Lace Padilla, Racquel Fygenson, Spencer C. Castro, Enrico Bertini

Justification: “This comprehensive yet concise paper illuminates an important visualization problem by providing empirical evidence for the link between COVID-19 forecast visualization design choices and trust: visualization design choices easily influence trust, but notably trust is not indicative of successful interpretation. The methodology is exemplary, with high ecological validity thanks to the use of real-world data, and a preregistered analysis plan for the first two studies in addition to a third study clearly labelled as exploratory. This nicely executed investigation features insightful results that include actionable design guidelines; the release of both data and analysis scripts provides a foundation for future analysis and exploration of this highly relevant topic.”

Uncertainty-Aware Multidimensional Scaling
Authors: David Hägele, Tim Krake, Daniel Weiskopf

Justification: “This clear and well-motivated paper addresses the significant open question of how to incorporate uncertainty into dimensionality reduction methods. It presents both a mathematical model and a numerical algorithm, with a detailed discussion of several visual encoding techniques that are suitable for analyzing the resulting uncertain data. The results include a detailed sensitivity analysis with a synthetic dataset, and a walkthrough of several real-world datasets to demonstrate the versatility of their algorithm and the benefits of their mathematical model.”

Best Paper Honorable Mentions

ASTF: Visual Abstractions of Time-Varying Patterns in Radio Signals
Authors: Ying Zhao, Luhao Ge, Huixuan Xie, Genghuai Bai, Zhao Zhang, Qiang Wei, Yun Lin, Yuchao Liu, Fangfang Zhou

Breaking the Fourth Wall of Data Stories through Interaction
Authors: Yang Shi, Tian Gao, Xiaohan Jiao, Nan Cao

ChartWalk: Navigating large collections of text notes in electronic health records for clinical chart review
Authors: Nicole Sultanum, Farooq Naeem, Michael Brudno, Fanny Chevalier

Dashboard Design Patterns
Authors: Benjamin Bach, Euan Freeman, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Cagatay Turkay, Saiful Khan, Yulei Fan, Min Chen

Evaluating the Use of Uncertainty Visualisations for Imputations of Data Missing At Random in Scatterplots
Authors: Abhraneel Sarma, Shunan Guo, Jane Hoffswell, Ryan Rossi, Fan Du, Eunyee Koh, Matthew Kay

Exploring Interactions with Printed Data Visualizations in Augmented Reality
Authors: Wai Tong, Zhutian Chen, Meng Xia, Leo Yu-Ho Lo, Linping Yuan, Benjamin Bach, Huamin Qu

Extending the Nested Model for User-Centric XAI: A Design Study on GNN-based Drug Repurposing
Authors: Qianwen Wang, Kexin Huang, Payal Chandak, Marinka Zitnik, Nils Gehlenborg

FoVolNet: Fast Volume Rendering using Foveated Deep Neural Networks
Authors: David Bauer, Qi Wu, Kwan-Liu Ma

GRay: Ray Casting for Visualization and Interactive Data Exploration of Gaussian Mixture Models
Authors: Kai Lawonn, Monique Meuschke, Pepe Eulzer, Matthias Mitterreiter, Joachim Giesen, Tobias Günther

Medley: Intent-based Recommendations to Support Dashboard Composition
Authors: Aditeya Pandey, Arjun Srinivasan, Vidya Setlur

OBTracker: Visual Analytics of Off-ball Movements in Basketball
Authors: Yihong Wu, Dazhen Deng, Xiao Xie, Moqi He, Jie Xu, Hongzeng Zhang, Hui Zhang, Yingcai Wu

Quick Clusters: A GPU-Parallel Partitioning for Efficient Path Tracing of Unstructured Volumetric Grids
Authors: Nate Morrical, Alper Sahistan, Ugur Gudukbay, Ingo Wald, Valerio Pascucci

SliceTeller : A Data Slice-Driven Approach for Machine Learning Model Validation
Authors: Xiaoyu Zhang, Jorge H Piazentin Ono, Huan Song, Liang Gou, Kwan-Liu Ma, Liu Ren

Supporting Expressive and Faithful Pictorial Visualization Design with Visual Style Transfer
Authors: Yang Shi, Pei Liu, Siji Chen, Mengdi Sun, Nan Cao

The Quest for Omnioculars: Embedded Visualization for Augmenting Basketball Game Viewing Experiences
Authors: Tica Lin, Zhutian Chen, Yalong Yang, Daniele Chiappalupi, Johanna Beyer, Hanspeter Pfister

TrafficVis: Visualizing Organized Activity and Spatio-Temporal Patterns for Detecting Human Trafficking
Authors: Catalina Vajiac, Duen Horng Chau, Andreas Olligschlaeger, Rebecca Mackenzie, Pratheeksha Nair, Meng-Chieh Lee, Yifei Li, Namyong Park, Reihaneh Rabbany, Christos Faloutsos

VDL-Surrogate: A View-Dependent Latent-based Model for Parameter Space Exploration of Ensemble Simulations
Authors: Neng Shi, Jiayi Xu, Haoyu Li, Hanqi Guo, Jonathan Woodring, Han-Wei Shen

Short Papers

The Best Papers Committee for VIS 2022 short papers consists of three distinguished members: Enrico Bertini, Min Chen, and Kwan-Liu Ma. The Short Papers Chairs would like to thank the Best Papers Committee for their work and to congratulate the awardees!

Best Paper

Exploring D3 Implementation Challenges on Stack Overflow
Authors: Leilani Battle, Danni Feng, Kelli Webber

Best Paper Honorable Mentions

Toward Systematic Considerations of Missingness in Visual Analytics
Authors: Maoyuan Sun, Yue Ma, Yuanxin Wang, Tianyi Li, Jian Zhao, Yujun Liu, Ping-Shou Zhong

ARShopping: In-Store Shopping Decision Support Through Augmented Reality and Immersive Visualization
Authors: Bingjie Xu, Shunan Guo, Eunyee Koh, Jane Hoffswell, Ryan Rossi, Fan Du


The Best Posters Committee for VIS 2022 posters consists of three distinguished members: Alex Endert, Daniel Jönsson, and Michael Sedlmair. The Poster Chairs would like to thank the Best Posters Committee for their work and to congratulate the awardees!

Best Poster

Ditto: Exploring data in large display environments through speech+mid-air gesture interactions
Authors: Jillian Aurisano, Abeer Alsaiari, Abhinav Kumar, Moira Zellner, Jason Leigh, Barbara Di Eugenio, Andrew E Johnson

Best Poster Honorable Mentions

Dynamic visualizations for violence prevention
Author: Luke Demarest

Processing Fluency Improves Trust in Scatterplot Visualizations
Authors: Hamza Elhamdadi, Lace Padilla, Cindy Xiong