Conference Registration

The 2021 IEEE Visualization conference, running from Oct 24 - 29, 2021, is organized as a virtual conference for the second year in a row. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteer organizers, we have been able to keep costs for running the conference low. We are able to offer low registration fees and continue to offer free to students as well as free options for diversity and inclusivity.



Registration Fees

All participants in VIS (attendees, organizers, speakers, etc.) must register by selecting the admission ticket that best fits them from the options below:

  • Member Admission: US$25 for members of IEEE, ACM, ICMB, and AMIA.
  • Non-member Admission: US$40 for non-members.
  • Student Admission: free registration for active students.
  • Diversity Admission: free registration for individuals residing in countries where the per capita Gross National Income (GNI) is US$15,000 or less. See list here.
  • Inclusivity Admission: free registration for individuals in need of financial assistance that reside in countries not included on the Diversity Admission list.

All attendees need to register and will have access to conference downloadable content.

Registration fees are refundable up to 30 days before the beginning of the conference.

Content Fees

Content fees will be required for IEEE Xplore papers and short papers, posters and invited presentations from TVCG, CG&A, and SIGGRAPH papers. This year content fees are not being collected for other content items, like panels, tutorials, and symposia and workshops which are not published with IEEE Xplore. The individual who pays the content fee also needs to register for an admission ticket, because content fee payments are NOT considered a registration for conference admission.

The list of content items that require content fee payment include:

  • VIS Full paper or Short paper: US$450
  • Symposium or Workshop paper (publishing in IEEE Xplore): US$450
  • TVCG, CG&A, and SIGGRAPH presentations: US$125
  • VIS, Symposium, or Workshop poster: US$125

In order to pay the content fees, you need to provide the submission ID for papers and posters. The ID was assigned when publications were submitted for review via PCS. Invited papers need to use the ID assigned by their editor.

Content fees should be paid as soon as possible. Content fees are not refundable.

Registration FAQs

Q: There are multiple authors in my paper. Do we need to pay multiple content fees?

    Only one content fee is associated with a content-item, regardless of the number of authors. VIS papers, short papers, Symposium or workshop papers published in Xplore, poster and invited papers need to pay content fees. Outside of the one content fee, all authors who are attending the conference need to register.

Q: Is the individual who pays a content fee registered for the conference?

    No. Content fee payment is separate from registration for conference admission. Paper or poster presenters and authors who want to participate in the conference must register by selecting the admission ticket that best fits them.

Q: I am a co-author on a paper, and a subgroup of the co-authors have decided to split the content-item fee cost. Can this be done? Can we get separate (split bill) receipts?

    Under special circumstances and with some restrictions, this may be do-able. You should reach out to

If you have additional clarification questions, please contact: