Technical Guidance for Associated Events, Tutorials, and Workshops

Event Organizer Information

This page provides information to organizers of associated events, workshops, tutorials, application spotlights, and other events about how to provide information about the schedule of their event to the technical committee.

Scheduling your Event

Please fill out information for your event following the templates provided. The tech committee will reach out to the organizers of each event to collect this information. All times should be in 24-hour format in the US Central Time zone, and formatted as HHMM (H: hour, M: minute). If you do not have the specific presentations set for each Time Slot, please provide the schedule and Time Slots for the event so that we can begin setting things up. We can fill in the videos and speaker information for the Time Slots when they are ready, but the sooner this information (e.g., videos, speaker contact information, etc.) is available, the better.

For each Session in your event, we need a schedule that defines a sequence and duration of Time Slots in the Session and what will occur in each Time Slot:

  • Live Zoom presentations
  • Replays of prerecorded video presentations (e.g., paper presentations, short talks)
  • Question and answer or other interactions with Contributors (e.g., panels, questions to paper authors)

For each Session we also need:

  • The number of Contributors (including the Session Chair) who will be in the Zoom call and their contact information (names and emails)
    • One presenter from each submission is required to attend the Q&A and, for a better watching experience, IEEE Visualization recommends only one person from each submission be present during Q&A.

Note that Attendees do not count toward the number of Contributors, as they view the embedded stream and use embedded chat using on the conference web pages.

For each presentation (live or recorded) in a Time Slot we need:

  • Presenter’s name(s)
  • Presenter’s email(s)
  • The prerecorded video to play for the presentation, if applicable. Presentation videos must follow the encoding and naming conventions discussed below.
  • If there is a Q&A, and if so when:
    • At the end of the live/recorded talk
    • At the end of a group of talks
    • Concurrent with the talks (i.e., people interrupt a tutorial with questions)

All recorded presentations will be submitted as discussed in the Information Guide for Contributors.

For questions or more information, please email

Technical Committee

  • Will Usher, SCI Institute, University of Utah
  • Alexander Bock, Linköping University
  • Micha Schwab, Google