More detail about posters and their associated presentations will be released with the virtual website.

(Best Poster) Towards Automatic Grading of D3.js Visualizations
Authors: Matthew Hull, Connor Guerin, Justin Lu Chen, Susanta Kumar Routray, Duen Horng Chau

(Honorable Mention) TrafficVis: Visualizing Suspicious Meta-Clusters for Human Trafficking Detection
Authors: Catalina Vajiac, Andreas Olligschlaeger, Yifei Li, Pratheeksha Nair, Meng-Chieh Lee, Namyong Park, Reihaneh Rabbany, Duen Horng Chau, Christos Faloutsos

(Honorable Mention) Argo Scholar: Interactive Visual Exploration of Literature in Browsers
Authors: Kevin Li, Haoyang Yang, Anish Upadhayay, Zhiyan Zhou, Jon Saad-Falcon, Duen Horng Chau

Empowering Natural Language to Visualization Neural Translation using Synthesized Benchmarks
Authors: Yuyu Luo, Jiawei Tang, Guoliang Li, Chengliang Chai

Visualization to Study Bias in Image Annotations and to Support Annotation Based on Semantic Differential
Authors: Akari Iijima, Takayuki Itoh

A Visualization Authoring Model for Post-WIMP Interfaces
Authors: Marc Satkowski, Weizhou Luo, Raimund Dachselt

Enhancing Understanding of Constitutional Law through Visual Design
Authors: Yiwen Xing, Nicholas Cole, Rita Borgo, Alfie Abdul-Rahman

Evaluating the Effect of Visualizing Dimensions Search Space on Exploratory Visual Data Analysis
Authors: Abeer Alsaiari, Andrew E. Johnson

Show or Tell? Visual and Verbal Representations Bias Position Recall
Authors: Cristina R. Ceja, Cindy Xiong

3D Animation of Wildfire Plumes
Authors: Carl Drews

Visualization of Bias of Machine Learning for Content Recommendation
Authors: Ami Tochigi, Takayuki Itoh, Xiting Wang

Dynamic Ranking of IEEE VIS Author Importance
Authors: Daniel Witschard, Ilir Jusufi, Andreas Kerren

PhosProViz: A Web-based Platform for Interactive Visual Exploration of Phosphoproteomics Network Data
Authors: Irene Font Peradejordi, Shreya Chandrasekar, Berk Turhan, Selim Kalayci, Jeffrey Johnson, Zeynep H. Gümüş

Visilence: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Error Resilience Analysis
Authors: Shaolun Ruan, Yong Wang, Qiang Guan

Evaluating Performance of Rendering with Containerized Visualization Tools
Authors: Renee Waverly Sonntag, Joseph Insley, Janet Knowles, Victor A. Mateevitsi, Michael E. Papka, Silvio Rizzi

Designing a Base Map for Users with Low Vision
Authors: Vaidehi Patil, David Kelley, Lisa Everdyke

Solving Constraint Optimisation Problems in Augmented Reality
Authors: Alexander Turkovic, Guido Tack, Maxime Cordeil

A User-Centered Survey of Immersive Analytics
Authors: Payod Panda, Sana Behnam-Asl, Byungsoo Kim, Elif Sener

Visual Analysis of Corporate Tolerance to Sales Decline by Industry
Authors: Masahiko Itoh, Yoshiki Hiramine, Kohei Arimoto

Evaluating & Updating Music Genre Bars
Authors: Swaroop Panda, Shatarupa Thakurta Roy

What are the topics in football? Extracting time-series topics from game episodes
Authors: Gota Shirato, Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko

Interactive Probing of Multivariate Time Series Prediction Models: A Case of Freight Rate Analysis
Authors: Haonan Xu, Haotian Li, Yong Wang

MultiAggr: A Technique for Aggregating Multivariate Networks
Authors: Pranav Rajan, Derya Akbaba, Jack Wilburn, Roni Choudhury, Alexander Lex

OPPVIS: Visualizing Online Partisan Polarization on COVID-19
Authors: Zachary Yang, Anne Imouza, Kellin Pelrine, Sacha Lévy, Jiewen Liu, Gabrielle Desrosiers-Brisebois, Jean-François Godbout, André Blais, Reihaneh Rabbany

A Network Visualization of Sustainable Consumption Corridors
Authors: Michael Jeffrey Daniel Hoefer, Stephen Voida

Turing Galaxy: Visualizing Turing Award Laureates
Authors: Xinyuan Yan, Yifang Ma

COVID-19 Dashboard: Tracking the Regional Pandemic Trend
Authors: Huan He, Andrew Wen, Liwei Wang, Ming Huang, Yanshan Wang, Hongfang Liu

Interactive Visual Exploration of Pairwise Meta-Analysis Results
Authors: Huan He, Irbaz Bin Riaz, Syed Arsalan Ahmed Naqvi, Rabbia Siddiqi, Noureen Asghar, Mahnoor Islam, M. Hassan Murad, Hongfang Liu