Doctoral Colloquium

(Invitation only event)


Wolfgang Aigner, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
Sheelagh Carpendale, Simon Fraser University
Remco Chang, Tufts University
David Gotz, University of North Carolina
Uta Hinrichs, University of St Andrews
Tatiana von Landesberger, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
Miriah Meyer, University of Utah
Timo Ropinski, University of Ulm
Alexandru Telea, Utrecht University
Melanie Tory, Tableau Research

Track A

Session 1

Data Design Matters: The Unifying Language of Social Data Charts
Marlen Promann, Purdue University

Visualizing Social Science Data for Exploration and Analysis on Interactive Surfaces
Gabriela C. Molina León, University Bremen

Research Through Visualization in Literary Studies
Tommaso Elli, Politecnico di Milano

Session 2

Building with Data: Methods and Tools from Architecture for Designing Physical Data Representations
Carmen Hull, University of Calgary

Data Comics for Data-Driven Storytelling
Zezhong Wang, University of Edinburgh

Understanding Visualization Interaction In Light of Beliefs
Yea-Seul Kim, University of Washington

Visualization Design to Afford Critical Thinking about Data
Cindy Xiong, Northwestern University

Track B

Session 1

Exploring Situated Visualization Design with Small Displays
Nathalie Bressa, Aarhus University

Visual Analytics of Sequential and Time Patterns from Event Sequences
Jessica Magallanes, University of Sheffield

Future-Proofing InfoVis: Scaling Visualizations to Small Devices and More Data through Efficient Interaction and Smooth Performance
Michail Schwab, Northeastern University

Session 2

Visualizing Multivariate Networks
Carolina Nobre, University of Utah

Networks In Time And Space
Velitchko Filipov, TU Wien

Supporting Comparisons in Geo-Visual Analytics
Rui Zhang, Arizona State University

Methodology for Visual Expression of Flow and Friction
Mirela Reljan-Delaney, University of London

Track C

Session 1

Metavisualization through ‘view collections’ to enable scalable, multimodal speech+gesture interaction in immersive analytics
Jillian Aurisano, University of Illinois Chicago

Multiscale Visual Pattern Exploration in Genomics
Fritz Lekschas, Harvard University

Spatially Integrated Abstraction Of Genetic Molecules
Sarkis Halladjian, INRIA Université Paris Saclay

Session 2

Towards Better Application of Machine Learning Models: A Data Visualization Perspective
Qianwen Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Semantic Interaction for Enabling Symmetrical Analysis of Documents and Their Attributes
Michelle Dowling, Virginia Tech

Towards a Better Understanding of Neural Networks for Novices and Expert Users
Alex Bäuerle, University Ulm

Tackling Algorithmic Bias through Human in the Loop AI
Bhavya Ghai, Stony Brook University