VIS Executive Committee

Jim Ahrens Los Alamos National Laboratory
(VGTC Chair.)
Lisa Avila Kitware
(VEC Chair.)
Sheelagh Carpendale University of Calgary
(InfoVis SC Rep.)
Jason Dykes City, University of London
(InfoVis SC Rep.)
Brian Fisher Simon Fraser University
(VAST SC Rep.)
Aditi Majumder University of California, Irvine
(VGTC Vice Chair for Conferences.)
Miriah Meyer University of Utah
(VGTC Vice Chair.)
Silvia Miksch Vienna University of Technology
(VAST SC Rep.)
Robert Morehead Mississippi State University
(VGTC Director.)
Klaus Mueller Stony Brook University
(VGTC Director.)
Han-Wei Shen The Ohio State University
(SciVis SC Rep.)
Deborah Silver Rutgers University
(SciVis SC Rep.)

Messages from the VEC

Supporting Documentation