VIS Steering Committee

The task of the IEEE VIS Steering Committee (VSC) is to provide long-term scientific and organizational oversight of IEEE VIS. Its remit includes handling of all cross-year policy questions. The VSC should be consulted on key initiatives arising from the general chairs, the Visualization Executive Committee (VEC), and the community and should establish mechanisms for this communication. The VSC has 9 members, all serving 4-year terms. For more details on the VSC see the IEEE VIS Charter.

Current members of the VSC are:

Name Affiliation
Petra Isenberg Inria
Shixia Liu Tsinghua University
Robert Morehead Mississippi State University
Stephen North Infovisible
Huamin Qu Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Tobias Schreck TU Graz
Deborah Silver Rutgers University
Melanie Tory Tableau Software
Daniel Weiskopf University of Stuttgart

Public Meeting Notes
All public meetings notes are available here