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Doctoral Colloquium

(Invitation only event)


Hank Childs, Kelly Gaither. Tatiana von Landesberger, Torsten Möller, Ken Moreland, Jonathan Roberts, Marc Streit, Michael Sedlmair, Nathalie Henry Riche

Session 1

Improving Visual Investigation Analysis of Digital Communication Data within E-discovery
Author: Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan, City University of London, United Kingdom

Centrality based Visualization Methods for Abstract Data
Author: Mukund Raj, University of Utah, USA

Visualising Geographically-Embedded Flow Data
Author: Yalong Yang, Monash University, Australia

Session 2

Harnessing Cognitive Bias in Mixed Initiative Visual Analytics
Author: Emily Wall, Georgia Tech, USA

Guidance Methods for the Visual Analytics of Time and Time-oriented Data
Author: Davide Ceneda, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Visualization by Demonstration
Author: Bahador Saket, Georgia Tech, USA

Supporting Exploration and Engagement in Interactive Visualizations
Author: Mi Feng, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Optimizing Visualization Performance on Power-Constrained Supercomputers
Author: Stephanie Labasan, University of Oregon, USA

Tightly vs. Loosely Coupled In Situ: Which Technique to Use at Scale?
Author: James Kress, University of Oregon, USA

Session 3

Sketching Mental Maps of Urban Spaces for the Visual Analysis of Spatial Data
Author: Alex Godwin, Georgia Tech, USA

Contextual Similarity Abstraction Techniques for Spatial Data Analysis
Author: Timothy Luciani, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

VisFlow - Web-based Data Flow Framework for Visual Data Exploration
Author: Bowen Yu, New York University, USA

Methods and Optimizations for Big Data Exploratory Visualization Systems
Author: Marianne Procopio, Tufts University, USA

Volume Visualization Using Line Integral Convolution for Large Scale Vector Field
Author: Yangguang Liao, University of California at Davis, USA

Tracking Space-Filling Structures in Turbulent Flows
Author: Andrea Schnorr, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Session 4

Towards User-Adaptive Visualizations in Multi-Modal Documents
Author: Dereck Toker, University of British Columbia, Canada

Visual Causality Analysis
Author: Jun Wang, Stony Brook University, USA

Visualization of Multivariate Data on Surfaces
Author: Allan Rocha, University of Calgary, Canada