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SciVis Contest Program


[Invited presentation]
Looking into Clouds: Data Analysis and Visualization in Climate Science
Authors: Ksenia Gorges, Niklas Röber

[Contest Winner]
Visualization of Clouds and Atmospheric Air Flows
Authors: Noel Rimensberger, Markus Gross, Tobias Günther

[Contest Honorable Mention]
STRIELAD - A Scalable Toolkit for Real-time Interactive Exploration of Large Atmospheric Datasets
Authors: Simon Schneegans, Lori Neary, Markus Flatkn, Andreas Gerndt

Visualization of Weather Simulation Data Using Tecplot 360
Authors: Devon Simpson, Jerimiah Lee, Craig Mackey, Chris Idso

SciVis Contest 2017: Visualization of a Large Climate Dataset
Authors: Alireza Amiraghdam, Matthias Thöny, Renato Pajarola