The VisInPractice associated event at IEEE VIS 2022 will feature four panels on the practice of visualization.

The VisInPractice program is an opportunity for visualization practitioners and researchers to meet and share experiences, insights, and ideas in applying data visualization and visual analytics to real use cases. Our goal is to acknowledge successful transfers of visualization research into applications as well as current visualization practices in industry.

This year’s Vis in Practice will be a hybrid event, with panel sessions being simultaneously in person and streamed.


VisInPractice will take place on Monday, October 17, 2021 between 9:00 and 5:00 Central Daylight Time (GMT -5)

Panel: Vis x Accessibility (moderated by: Anamaria Crisan)

Description: This panel discussion will explore the opportunities and challenges of making data visualizations accessible toward individuals with vision, motor, and cognitive/neurological disabilities.

The panelists include:

  • Frank Elavsky, Carnegie Mellon University / Apple
  • Kai Chang, Google
  • Jamie Tanner, The New York Times

Panel: Integrating Research and Products (moderated by: Zhicheng (Leo) Liu)

Description: Being successful in both research and products is often difficult, requiring carefully choosing project topics and balancing between multiple goals. This panel will focus on the factors and processes in transferring research results into products, as well as experiences on how products can inspire and shape research ideas.

The panelists include:

  • Richard Brath, Uncharted
  • Dominik Moritz, Apple
  • Liu Ren, Bosch
  • Vidya Setlur, Tableau

Panel: VisInPractice: Diversity of Ideas (moderated by: Sudhanshu Semwal)

Description: This VisInPractice panelist present their mature body of work–providing glimpses of Ideas and application gems, suggesting perhaps sample of some new areas for VisInPractice:

The panelists include:

  • A. Paz de Araujo, Hanes Oliveira,and David William Silva, Symmetrix
  • Hector Gerardo Perez Gonzalez, University Autonoma de San Luis Potosy
  • Terry Janssen, University of Honolulu
  • Alireza Taheri, Sharif University of Technology

Panel: Bridging Academia, Industry, and Government (moderated by: Chris Weaver)

Description: Visualization practitioners increasingly work in ways that span sectors, requiring extra care and effort to develop common ground and coordinate with people having diverse backgrounds, skills, interests, needs, and perspectives. This panel will focus on experiences in developing a broader reach for applications of visualization and the considerations and practices that have arisen from those experiences.

  • Johanna Schmidt, VRVis
  • Dave King, Exaptive
  • Kim Klockow-McClain, NOAA
  • Bill Endres, Oklahoma University

The VisInPractice 2022 Team

  • Anamaria Crisan, Tableau Research
  • Zhicheng (Leo) Liu, University of Maryland
  • Sudhanshu Semwal, University of Colorado (Colorado Springs)
  • Chris Weaver, University of Oklahoma


Twitter: @visinpractice

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