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Visualizing the non-visual: spatial analysis and interaction with information from text documents
Authors: James A. Wise, James J. Thomas, Kelly Pennock, David Lantrip, Marc Pottier, Anne Schur, and Vern Crow
InfoVis 1995

Visage: a user interface environment for exploring information
Authors: Steven F. Roth, Peter Lucas, Jeffrey A. Senn, Cristina C. Gomberg, Michael B. Burks, Philip J. Stroffolino, A. J. Kolojechick, and Carolyn Dunmire
InfoVis 1996

Hierarchical edge bundles: Visualization of adjacency relations in hierarchical data
Author: Danny Holten
InfoVis 2006


A Visual Interface for Multivariate Temporal Data: Finding Patterns of Events Across Multiple Histories
Authors: Jerry Fails, Amy Karlson, Layla Shahamat, Ben Shneiderman
VAST 2006