Color Theory Methods for Visualization

Theresa-Marie Rhyne

We highlight the usage of various color theory methods and tools for creating effective visualizations and visual analytics. Our tutorial features mobile apps for performing color analyses and steps through recent colormap studies performed for an Isotropic Inverse Model Data Visualization, an Uncertainty Visualization technique using a fiber orientation distribution function, and Visualizing Correlation in Molecular Biological Data. This includes the evaluations for color vision weaknesses using Vischeck. Various artists’ and scientists’ theories of color and how to apply these theories to creating your own  digital media work are reviewed. We also feature the application of color theory to time series animations. Our

tutorial includes a hands on session that teaches you how to build and evaluate color schemes with Adobe’s Kuler, Color Scheme Designer, and Color Brewer online tools. We cover the usage of mobile applications like Color Schemer Touch., myPANTONE mobile app, and the Color Companion mobile app. Each of these color tools are available for your continued use in creating visualizations. Please bring small JPEG examples of your visualizations for performing color analyses during the hands on session.