Matrix-Based Visual Correlation Analysis on Large Timeseries Data

Michael Behrisch, James Davey, Tobias Schreck, Daniel Keim, Jarn Kohlhammer
In recent years, the quantity of time series data generated in a wide variety of domains grown consistently. Thus, it is difficult for analysts to process and understand this overwhelming amount of data. In the specific case of time series data another problem arises: time series can be highly interrelated. This problem becomes even more challenging when a set of parameters influences the progression of a time series. However, while most visual analysis techniques support the analysis of short time periods, e.g. one day or one week, they fail to visualize large-scale time series, ranging over one year or more. In our approach we present a time series matrix visualization that tackles this problem. Its primary advantages are that it scales to a large number of time series with different start and end points and allows for the visual comparison / correlation analysis of a set of influencing factors. To evaluate our approach, we applied our technique to a real-world data set, showing the impact of local weather conditions on the efficiency of photovoltaic power plants.