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Verification in Visualization: Building a Common Culture

Robert M. Kirby and Claudio T. Silva
Robert M. Kirby
Claudio T. Silva
Robert S. Laramee
William Schroeder

Over the past decade, there has been a concerted effort within the com- putational science and engineering (CS&E) community to articulate both the principles and the implementation of validation and verifica- tion (V&V) for numerical simulation. It was not that prior to this effort no V&V was accomplished within computational engineer- ing, but rather that the community identified a need to assert a com- mon language for the understanding and testing for computational al- gorithms and their implementations. By defining a common language and articulating a paradigm for critical examination, comparison and testing, the CS&E community has attempted to generate a culture for V&V.

As visualization is the lens through which scientists examine their data, it too should undergo the same rigorous V&V analysis as other components of the simulation science pipeline. Like the CS&E com- munity, it is not that this is not done in practice, but rather that there is not necessarily a common language or coherency of perspective that unities the visualization community into a common culture of V&V. The purpose of this panel is to discuss what this common language and paradigm might look like within visualization. Following the lead of earlier work calling for such a culture what might “Verifiable Visualizations” look like and what makes them different than what is already done?