Welcome to VisWeek 2011!

Poster Viewing Session

Date & Time : Wednesday, October 26 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm
Location : Prefunction and Ballroom A Foyer

In total, 70 peer-reviewed posters will be exhibiting at VisWeek showcasing the latest ideas in visualization science. Contributions are from science and industry in a wide range of disciplines and application areas and many will have associated software demos.

You can find the full list of posters HERE. We also created a PDF file with the full index of posters and authors, and another PDF file containing a map to find all the posters in the Poster Viewing Area.

Best posters go to:

  • [InfoVis] Evan Peck, Erin Solovey, Sara Su, Robert Jacob, Remco Chang, from Tufts University & Google Inc. for "Near to the Brain: Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy as a Lightweight Brain Imaging Technique for Visualization",
  • [VAST] Anushka Anand, Leland Wilkinson, Tuan Nhon Dang, from University of Illinois at Chicago for "Using Random Projections to Identify Class-Separating Variables in High-Dimensional Spaces", and
  • [Vis] Nicholas Seltzer, Lamont Samuels, John Reppy, Gordon L. Kindlmann, from The University of Chicago for "Diderot: A Parallel DSL for Computing on Multi-Dimensional Tensor Fields"

Honorable Mentions go to:

  • [InfoVis] Steven Gomez and David Laidlaw, from Brown University for "Modeling Human Performance from Visualization Interaction Histories",
  • [VAST] Harald Piringer and Matthias Buchetics, from the VRVis Research Center Vienna for "Exploring Proportions: Comparative Visualization of Categorical Data", and
  • [Vis] Hamish Carr and David Duke from University of Leeds for "Joint Contour Nets: Topological Analysis of Multi-Variate Data"

From all accepted poster submissions we first shortlisted the best posters based on the review ratings. All shortlisted submissions were then evaluated by a further panel of leading academics in each of the disciplines. Any conflicts of interest were identified and addressed by removing chairs and panel members with conflicts from the decision-making process. Best poster panel members included Jean-Daniel Fekete, Frank van Ham, Hans-Christian Hege, Torsten Moeller, Hanspeter Pfister, Matt Ward and the six VisWeek poster chairs.