25 - 30 OCTOBER, 2015 CHICAGO, IL, USA

VIS Executive Committee

Jean-Daniel Fekete INRIA
(InfoVis Steering Rep.)
Brian Fisher Simon Fraser University
(VAST Steering Rep.)
Hans Hagen Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
(SciVis Steering Rep.)
Arie Kaufman Stony Brook University
(VGTC Director)
Silvia Miksch Vienna University of Technology 
(VAST Steering Rep.)
Mark Livingston Naval Research Laboratory
(VGTC Vice-Chair for Conferences)
Claudio Silva New York University Polytechnic
(VGTC Chair)
Tamara Munzner University of British Columbia
(VEC Chair; InfoVis Steering Rep.)
Hanspeter Pfister Harvard University
(VGTC Director)
Rachel Brady Cisco Systems, Inc.
(Member at Large)
Amitabh Varshney University of Maryland
(SciVis Steering Rep.)

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