Practitioner Experiences Posters

We invite the submission of posters describing state-of-the-art, real world experiences in industry, government, NGOs, social agencies, etc. with designing, building, deploying and evaluating new information visualization, scientific visualization, and visual analytic systems. Posters should present case studies of success, failure, experimentation, design, development, methodology, best practice lessons and other topics relevant to a commercial, government or operational context. Discussion could include one or more of what were the business or service objectives, who were the users, what were their needs, what were the design objectives, what technology was developed, what was the result, how did it perform, what were the lessons learned and what are the next steps? No need to name specific clients, customers or programs, you can use indicators such as 'a large investment bank' or 'a top 10 pharmaceutical company' or 'health services'. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your results, get feedback from the VIS community, and brainstorm new ideas relevant to your situation.

Poster presentations will be an integral part of the conference and provide opportunities for interactive discussions between presenters and attendees. Note that, in order to maintain interactive and exciting poster presentations, we require at least one presenter per accepted poster to attend the conference.

The most important publication criteria are originality, quality of presentation and relevance. Poster submissions must be in English. The submission must include a 2-page abstract, plus a draft of the final poster. A one paragraph summary may be in another language of your choice. Please be aware that the poster draft is mandatory. All submitted materials must be in PDF format with embedded fonts. Two-page abstracts will be included in the proceedings, and therefore must be formatted using the IEEE VIS (USB only) format described at http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~vis/Track/vis-menu.html


All poster submissions for the IEEE VIS Practitioner Experiences Track should be submitted via email to <industry@ieeevis.org>. Email submissions must be received on or before July 10, 2014 to be considered. Questions about this track or requests for help with submission problems can also be sent to <industry@ieeevis.org>.


Submission Deadline: July 10, 2014 (5pm PDT)

Notification: July 25, 2014

Final Submission of Camera Ready Summaries: August 8, 2014