2013 VIS Special Sessions

SPECIAL SESSION: Industrial Success Stories in the American Southeast: Visual "Atlanta"-lytics
Date & Time : Thursday, October 17 02:00 pm - 03:40 pm
Location : A 703+704
Topic : 
Industrial Success Stories in the American Southeast: Visual "Atlanta"-lytics

Visualization, analytics, and big data are actively being used to affect decision-making at exciting startups and in established companies. In this industry session, we assemble a set of hands-on, data-driven stories that will help listeners learn how visualization and analytics are put to use in the field. Practitioners will share best practices and raise questions about challenges that face them today; researchers will learn about interesting opportunities.

In a nod to the conference's setting, this session focuses on businesses in the Atlanta area. Confirmed speakers come from fields as diverse as business analytics, construction information, and cell phone analytics. We thank our friends at Juice Analytics for helping arrange this session.


  • Joe Walker, from Adobe
  • Matthew Martimo, from Airsage
  • Lucienne Ide, from Rimidi
  • AK Dash, from Reed Construction