VIS Digital Compass 2013

One of our goals in organizing the Compass activities at the main IEEE VIS conference is to support the next generation of visualization researchers by helping connect beginning and advanced researchers from the scientific visualization, information visualization and visual analytics communities.

The Compass activities are open to all the IEEE VIS participants, regardless of age and affiliation. The activities are organized by the IEEE VIS Compass Chairs, who can be reached at compass@ieeevis.org.

To sign up for any of the events below, please use your Compass user name and password. The Compass username and password are included in the conference registration confirmation email. They should be a combination of your confirmation code.

Blind Lunch

This is a blind-date lunch system (running Sun, Mon, Thu, Fri of the conference week) where beginning researchers sign up to go for lunch with three other researchers they have (preferably) not met before. You pay for your own lunch. Please sign up with your name and affiliation.

Talk Research
Tuesday, Oct. 15th - lunch

This is a one day event where vis researchers and practitioners have an opportunity to talk about research. The table-leaders pick the topic they would like to chat over (could be anything from "recruiting" to "what's the best way to..." to "looking for partners for such and such project" to "what's it like to work as a practitioner", or simply a group of people joining together for "visualization networking" or "solving problems" or even "how to navigate IEEE VIS"). You pay for your own lunch. Please sign up with your name and affiliation.

Talk Career
Wednesday, Oct. 16th - lunch

This is a one day event where beginning researchers have an opportunity to go for lunch in a group and talk about career opportunities and discussion. Again, we ask for a group leader (preferable a more senior member of the community who has made a “career” out of vis) to sign up and have more junior members join. You pay for your own lunch. Please sign up with your name and affiliation.

Meet the Candidate
Tuesday, Oct. 15 – 6:00pm – 7:00pm in the posters area

This is a two hour poster-style session where graduating students and postdocs going on the job market present their work. Please sign up for a poster slot with your name and affiliation.

For more information contact IEEE VIS 2013 Compass Chairs:
Alex Endert, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Daniel Best, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Zhicheng Liu, Stanford University

Email: compass@ieeevis.org