Industry and Government Posters

Collaborative Monitoring and Interactive Decision Support System for Smart Grid Outage Management
Na Cheng, Waqas Javed, Habib Abi-Rached, Sundar Murugappan, Steve Fan, James Lin

StatMine: Visual Exploration of Official Statistics
Edwin de Jonge, Jan van der Laan, Jessica Solcer

Louvain Clustering for Big Data Graph Visual Analytics
David Gauldie, Scott Langevin, Peter Schretlen, David Jonker, Neil Bozowsky, William Wright

Visualizing Uncertain Critical Paths in Schedule Management
Robert Gove, Brandon Herzog

4D Heat Maps: Visualizing Uncertain Resource Utilization Over Time
Robert Gove, Brandon Herzog

Interactive Visual Communication of Predictive Workforce Analytics
Shubir Kapoor, Steven Rohall, Aleksandra Mojsilovic, Donna Gresh, Moninder Singh, Deepika Kakrania

Research-oriented Clinical Data Visualization based on the Analytic Health Repository: A Case of Intermountain Healthcare
Jaehoon Lee, John R. Holmen, Steve L, Catmull, Susan E. Pollock, Peter J. Haug, Stanley M. Huff

Sharable Data Presentations for a Non-Analytical Audience
James Lytle, Zach Gemignani

Interactive Visual Analysis in Engineering: From an Early Prototype to Commercially Available Applications
Krešimir Matković, Denis Gračanin, Mario Jelović, Jürgen Krasser, Helwig Hauser

Interactive Data Exploration with "Big Data Tukey Plots"
Peter Schretlen, Nathan Kronenfeld, Derek Gray, Jesse McGeachie, Eric Hall, Daniel Cheng, Nicole Covello, William Wright

Interactive Visual Data Exploration Solutions for Industrial Systems
Andy Wu, Chih-Pin Hsiao, Na Cheng, Waqas Javed, James J.W. Lin