Welcome to VisWeek 2011!

Visual Analytics in Healthcare: Understanding the Physicians Perspective

Jesus J. Caban
David Gotz


This workshop will provide a unique and valuable opportunity in which participants will be able to meet, talk, and showcase their visualization and data mining techniques to leading physicians and receive feedback about how their tools can be adapted for use in clinical practice. In addition, physicians will provide detailed information about areas in healthcare where additional visualization techniques are needed.

Visualization and visual analytics show great potential as methods to analyze, filter, and illustrate many of the diverse data used in clinical practice. Today, (a) physicians and clinical practitioners are faced with the challenging task of analyzing large amount of unstructured, multi-modal, and longitudinal data to effectively diagnose and monitor the progression of a particular disease; (b) patients are confronted with the difficult task of understanding the correlations between many clinical values relevant to their health; and (c) healthcare organizations are faced with the problem of improving the overall operational efficiency and performance of the institution while maintaining the quality of patient care and safety.

Visualization and visual analytics can potentially provide great benefits to each of these three core areas of healthcare. However, to be successful, the resulting visualization must be able to meet the physician's requirements and be useful for both patients and physicians.