Welcome to VisWeek 2011!

Process + Interaction + Insight: The Need for Analytic Provenance

T. J. Jankun-Kelly and Remco Chang
Claudio Silva
Chris Weaver
Shaun Moon
Laura McNamara

Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. One key aspect that separates visual analytics from other related fields (InfoVis, SciVis, HCI) is the fo- cus on analytical reasoning. While the final products generated from an analytical process are of great value, research has shown that the processes of the analyses themselves are just as important if not more so. These processes not only contain information on in- dividual insights discovered, but also how the users arrive at these insights. This area of research that focuses on understanding a user’s reasoning process through the study of their interactions with a visualization is called analytic provenance, and has demonstrated great potential in becoming a foundation of the science of visual an- alytics. This panel builds upon a successful CHI 2011 Workshop to present the current state of analytic provenance tools, the needs of users, and perspectives on areas for future work, ending with a call to action for further research. The goal of the panel is to draw atten- tion to this fertile research area and to elicit interest and critiques from the research community at large.