Welcome to VisWeek 2011!


All meeting rooms will be equipped with a projector with a minimum native resolution of 1280 X 800. Each room is equipped with a "state of the art", industry standard, Barco/Analog Way scaler (interpolator) that will handle a maximum resolution of 1920 X 1200.

We encourage speakers to utilize the 16x9 wide format Powerpoint templates. Projectors will also handle regular 5x4 format slides. Download templates from the bottom of this page (including BioVis Symposium templates.)

We will have switched connections for presentations from laptops.

In addition each room will have a standalone Windows Pro 7 PC with MS Office 2010, IE browser, CDRW drive, 2GB RAM.

Presenters are encouraged to bring their own laptop (with video adapter if your laptop does not have standard HD15 connector) for panels, papers and presentations. For speakers not bringing their own laptops, the best options for basic Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are to bring along a portable USB drive or burn the presentation file onto a CD along with any necessary software plug-ins. Time will be available the evening previous to your presentation to load your presentation onto the actual PC you will be using, with time to check for any movie/sound link issues. A switchbox will be available at each lectern for multiple machine connections.

We support computer audio in each of the rooms with 2+ connections that are shared between the presenters. We also have 2+ wireless headset mics in each room to be shared between presenters.

Presenters are expected to arrive to their session 15 minutes early to meet their session chair and receive final instructions.

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