Do you want to meet people who share the same interests with you, discuss a topic that you care about or that brings the visualization community forward, or share viewpoints and experiences to foster community building? If yes, organize a meetup!

Details about online-technology specifications to be added soon.

What is a meetup?

Meetups are an excellent forum to discuss a wide range of topics related to visualization. For example, if you are an experienced researcher or practitioner, consider submitting a proposal to share your knowledge in an informal setting with conference participants. Meetups welcome cross-disciplinary proposals and proposals that are devoted to particular discipline methods. For example, some recent meetups have included opportunities to discuss topics related to sonification to augment visualization, machine learning for big data, inclusion, and diversity in visualization research, work-life balance topics, the connection between art and science, deceptive visualizations, and even organizing a joint bike trip (Velo Club de VIS). VIS2020 is eager to expand its meetup sessions and will consider proposals given technology resources and time availability. All meetups are public and open to everyone (the meetup organizers need to register at the conference).

What do you get?

The meetup chairs will take care of offering an online setup that fits your needs, finding a time slot, advertising the meetup via social media, and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

What information should a meetup proposal include?

  • a title,
  • a responsible person (name, contact information),
  • a brief description of the topic to be addressed,
  • prospective audience and a foreseen number of participants,
  • a plan on how you will coordinate the online meeting (e.g. format, accessibility),
  • preferences and constraints for meetup schedule (if applicable).

Whom to contact and where to submit the proposals?

Submissions should be emailed to

When to submit?

To best accommodate the needs ranging from early planned proposals to rolling meetups on site, we are accepting two types of submission, depending on the period when the idea of a meetup sparks: early submissions and rolling submissions. Both are equally good, although later submissions will be considered subject to time and technology resources availability.

Early Submission Deadline Friday, August 7, 2020
Notification Friday, August 14, 2020

Note: Meetups submission made by August 7 may have the chance to be inluded in programme and fast forward.

Rolling submission: Submissions after the early submission deadline will be considered subject to time and technology resources availability. Later submissions will be processed and notified within a couple of days.

Rolling Submission From August 7, 2020 to October 16, 2020
Notification Within a few days


Ayan Biswas, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Evanthia Dimara, University of Konstanz

Katerina Vrotsou, Linköping University