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  • Workshop - DECISIVe 2017: Dealing with Cognitive Biases in Visualizations - The workshop explores some of the ways in which cognitive biases impact user performance. Its goal is to share ideas about practical ways to reduce or overcome these potentially harmful effects, especially in adapting the tools developers design and build.


  • Paper Session - Perception - 8:30am-10:10am, Room: 301-D
    • Data Visualization Saliency Model: A Tool for Evaluating Abstract Data Visualizations
    • Open vs Closed Shapes: New Perceptual Categories?
    • Perceptual Biases in Font Size as a Data Encoding
    • Priming and Anchoring Effects in Visualizations
    • Evaluating Interactive Graphical Encodings for Data Visualization
  • Panel - Vision Science Meets Visualization - 2:00pm-3:40pm, Room: 101-ABC


  • Paper Session - Understanding Visualization - 2:00pm-3:40pm, Room: 301-D
    • Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Evaluating Multidimensional Visualizations for Decision Support
    • Data Through Others’ Eyes: The Impact of Visualizing Others’ Expectations on Visualization Interpretation
    • Active Reading of Visualizations
    • Blinded with Science or Informed by Charts? A Replication Study
    • The explanatory visualization framework: An active learning framework for teaching creative computing using explanatory visualizations
  • Paper Session - Interaction in the Analysis Process - 2:00pm-3:40pm, Room: 301-C
    • Podium: Ranking Data Using Mixed-Initiative Visual Analytics
    • Comparing Visual-Interactive Labeling with Active Learning: An Experimental Study
    • Applying Pragmatics Principles for Interaction with Visual Analytics
    • Understanding the Relationship between Interactive Optimisation and Visual Analytics in the Context of Prostate Brachytherapy
    • Interactive Visual Alignment of Medieval Text Versions
  • Paper Session - Sensemaking - 4:15pm-5:55pm, Room: 207 LECTURE HALL
    • RCLens: Interactive Rare Category Exploration and Identification
    • EVA: Visual Analytics to Identify Fraudulent Events
    • Supporting Handoff in Asynchronous Collaborative Sensemaking Using Knowledge-Transfer Graphs
    • CRICTO: Supporting Sensemaking through Crowdsourced Information Schematization
    • Visual Causality Analysis Made Practical


  • Paper Session - Evaluation - 8:30am-10:10am, Room: 105-ABC
    • Imagining Replications: Graphical Prediction & Discrete Visualizations Improve Recall & Estimation of Effect Uncertainty
    • A Systematic Review of Experimental Studies on Data Glyphs
    • The Hologram in My Hand: How Effective is Interactive Exploration of 3D Visualizations in Immersive Tangible Augmented Reality?
    • Evaluating Cartogram Effectiveness
    • Keeping Multiple Views Consistent: Constraints, Validations and Exceptions in Visualization Authoring

Make sure to also check out the full program of the conference which can be found here: Depending on your specific domain and current data analysis challenges you will likely find more interesting events there!