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IEEE VIS for data journalists



  • Tutorial - Analyzing Qualitative Data

  • Discovery Jam - A live hackathon to scientific data discovery. You’ll leave the workshop with skills for communicating with scientists, approaches to cross-disciplinary collaboration, and new ideas to pursue further.

  • Tutorial - Large-scale Web-based Visual Analytics Made Easy

  • Workshop - Visualization for the Digital Humanities - The purpose of this workshop is to propose new research directions in visualization for the digital humanities, to familiarize the visualization research community with the problems faced by digital humanities researchers, and to foster future collaboration between visualization and digital humanities research.


  • Paper Session - Techniques - 2:00pm-3:40pm, Room: 301-D
    • Visualizing Nonlinear Narratives with Story Curves
    • MyBrush: Brushing and Linking with Personal Agency
    • Nonlinear Dot Plots
    • VisTiles: Coordinating and Combining Co-located Mobile Devices for Visual Data Exploration
    • Uncertainty Visualization by Representative Sampling from Prediction Ensembles


  • Paper Session - VIS Arts Program (VISAP) Session 1 - 8:30am-10:10am, Room: 101-ABC

  • Paper Session - Perception - 8:30am-10:10am, Room: 301-D
    • Data Visualization Saliency Model: A Tool for Evaluating Abstract Data Visualizations
    • Open vs Closed Shapes: New Perceptual Categories?
    • Perceptual Biases in Font Size as a Data Encoding
    • Priming and Anchoring Effects in Visualizations
    • Evaluating Interactive Graphical Encodings for Data Visualization
  • Paper Session - Design - 10:30am-12:10pm, Room: 301-D
    • Scatterplots: Tasks, Data, and Designs
    • Considerations for Visualizing Comparison
    • Structuring Visualization Mock-ups at a Graphical Level by Dividing the Display Space
    • Bridging From Goals to Tasks with Design Study Analysis Reports


  • Paper Session - VIS Arts Program (VISAP) Session 2

  • Paper Session - (CG&A)Sports Data Visual Analytics - 10:30am-12:10pm, Room: 101-ABC
    • BKViz: A Basketball Visual Analysis Tool
    • Director’s Cut: Analysis and Annotation of Soccer Matches
    • GapChart: a Gap Strategy to Visualize the Temporal Evolution of both Ranks and Scores
    • Sport Tournament Predictions by Direct Manipulation
  • Paper Session - Understanding Visualization - 2:00pm-3:40pm, Room: 301-D
    • Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Evaluating Multidimensional Visualizations for Decision Support
    • Data Through Others’ Eyes: The Impact of Visualizing Others’ Expectations on Visualization Interpretation
    • Active Reading of Visualizations
    • Blinded with Science or Informed by Charts? A Replication Study
    • The explanatory visualization framework: An active learning framework for teaching creative computing using explanatory visualizations
  • Dear Data Studio Event - 4:15pm-5:55pm, Room: 103-A


  • Paper Session - Evaluation - 8:30am-10:10am, Room: 105-ABC
    • Imagining Replications: Graphical Prediction & Discrete Visualizations Improve Recall & Estimation of Effect Uncertainty
    • A Systematic Review of Experimental Studies on Data Glyphs
    • The Hologram in My Hand: How Effective is Interactive Exploration of 3D Visualizations in Immersive Tangible Augmented Reality?
    • Evaluating Cartogram Effectiveness
    • Keeping Multiple Views Consistent: Constraints, Validations and Exceptions in Visualization Authoring
  • VIS Capstone Address - Data Humanism - The Revolution will be Visualized - - 8:30am-10:10am, Room: 101-ABC

Make sure to also check out the full program of the conference which can be found here: Depending on your specific domain and current data analysis challenges you will likely find more interesting events there!