Accepted Papers

NOTE: This is the preliminary list of accepted papers for VIS 2014. This list, or the information in it, is subject to change as the conference program is finalized.

  1. VAST 2014: TVCG Track
  2. VAST 2014: Conference-only Track
  3. InfoVis 2014
  4. SciVis 2014
  5. TVCG Invited Papers

VAST 2014: TVCG Track

Visual Methods for Analyzing Probabilistic Classification Data
Authors: Bilal Alsallakh, Allan Hanbury, Helwig Hauser, Silvia Miksch, Andreas Rauber
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Cupid: Cluster-based Exploration of Geometry Generators with Parallel Coordinates and Radial Trees
Authors: Michael Beham, Wolfgang Herzner, Eduard Gröller, Johannes Kehrer
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Finding Waldo: Learning about Users from their Interactions
Authors: Eli T. Brown, Alvitta Ottley, Jieqiong Zhao, Quan Lin, Richard Souvenir, Alex Endert, Remco Chang
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Visual Abstraction and Exploration of Multi-class Scatterplots
Authors: Haidong Chen, Wei Chen, Honghui Mei, Zhiqi Liu, Kun Zhou, Weifeng Chen, Wentao Gu, Kwan-Liu Ma
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Transforming Scagnostics to Reveal Hidden Features
Authors: Tuan Dang, Leland Wilkinson
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DecisionFlow: Visual Analytics for High-Dimensional Temporal Event Sequence Data
Authors: David Gotz, Harry Stavropoulos
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Footprints: A Visual Search Tool that Supports Discovery and Coverage Tracking
Authors: Ellen Isaacs, Kelly Domico, Shane Ahern, Eugene Bart, Mudita Singhal
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Interactive Visual Analysis of Image-Centric Cohort Study Data
Authors: Paul Klemm, Steffen Oeltze, Kai Lawonn, Kathrin Hegenscheid, Henry Völzke, Bernhard Preim

VASA: Interactive Computational Steering of Large Asynchronous Simulation Pipelines for Societal Infrastructure
Authors: Sungahn Ko, Jieqiong Zhao, Jing Xia, Xiaoyu Wang, Greg Abram, Niklas Elmqvist, Shaun Kennedy, Kelly Gaither, William Tolone, William Ribarsky
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VarifocalReader -- In-Depth Visual Analysis of Large Text Documents
Authors: Steffen Koch, Markus John, Michael Wörner, Andreas Müller, Thomas Ertl

Run Watchers: Automatic Simulation-Based Decision Support in Flood Management
Authors: Artem Konev, Jürgen Waser, Bernhard Sadransky, Daniel Cornel, Rui A. P. Perdigão, Zsolt Horváth, Eduard Gröller
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Visual Analytics for Comparison of Ocean Model Output with Reference Data: Detecting and Analyzing Geophysical Processes Using Clustering Ensembles
Authors: Patrick Köthur, Mike Sips, Henryk Dobslaw, Doris Dransch
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INFUSE: Interactive Feature Selection for Predictive Modelling of High Dimensional Data
Authors: Josua Krause, Adam Perer, Enrico Bertini
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The Spinel Explorer - Interactive Visual Analysis of Spinel Group Minerals
Authors: M. Luján Ganuza, Gabriela R. Ferracutti, M.Florencia Gargiulo, Silvia M. Castro, Ernesto A. Bjerg, Eduard Gröller, Kresimir Matkovic
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DIA2: Web-based Cyberinfrastructure for Visual Analysis of Funding Portfolio
Authors: Krishna Madhavan, Niklas Elmqvist, Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Xin Chen, Yuet Ling Wong, Hanjun Xian, Zhihua Dong, Aditya Johri
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Supporting Communication and Coordination in Collaborative Sensemaking
Authors: Narges Mahyar, Melanie Tory

Proactive Spatiotemporal Resource Allocation and Predictive Visual Analytics for Community Policing and Law Enforcement
Authors: Abish Malik, Ross Maciejewski, Sherry Towers, Sean McCullough, David Ebert
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Visual Analytics for Complex Engineering Systems: Hybrid Visual Steering of Simulation Ensembles
Authors: Krešimir Matković, Denis Gracanin, Rainer Splechtna, Mario Jelovic, Benedikt Stehno, Helwig Hauser, Werner Purgathofer
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Opening the Black Box: Strategies for Increased User Involvement in Existing Algorithm Implementations
Authors: Thomas Mühlbacher, Harald Piringer, Samuel Gratzl, Michael Sedlmair, Marc Streit
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ConTour: Data-Driven Exploration of Multi-Relational Datasets for Drug Discovery
Authors: Christian Partl, Alexander Lex, Marc Streit, Hendrik Strobelt, Anne-Mai Wassermann, Hanspeter Pfister, Dieter Schmalstieg
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Visual Reconciliation of Alternative Similarity Spaces in Climate Modeling
Authors: Jorge Poco, Aritra Dasgupta, Yaxing Wei, William Hargrove, Christopher Schwalm, Deborah Huntzinger, Robert Cook, Enrico Bertini, Claudio Silva
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Knowledge Generation Model for Visual Analytics
Authors: Dominik Sacha, Andreas Stoffel, Florian Stoffel, Bum Chul Kwon, Geoffrey Ellis, Daniel Keim
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YMCA - Your Mesh Comparison Application
Authors: Johanna Schmidt, Reinhold Preiner, Thomas Auzinger, Michael Wimmer, Eduard Gröller, Stefan Bruckner
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LoyalTracker: Visualizing Loyalty Dynamics in Search Engines
Authors: Conglei Shi, Yingcai Wu, Shixia Liu, Hong Zhou, Huamin Qu
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Progressive Visual Analytics: User-Driven Visual Exploration of In-Progress Analytics
Authors: Charles D. Stolper, Adam Perer, David Gotz
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EvoRiver: Visual Analysis of Topic Coopetition on Social Media
Authors: Guodao Sun, Yingcai Wu, Shixia Liu, Tai-Quan Peng, Jonathan Zhu, Ronghua Liang
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A Five-Level Design Framework for Bicluster Visualizations
Authors: Maoyuan Sun, Chris North, Naren Ramakrishnan
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Visual Exploration of Sparse Traffic Trajectory Data
Authors: Zuchao Wang, Tangzhi Ye, Min Lu, Xiaoru Yuan, Huamin Qu, Jacky Yuan, Qianliang Wu
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OpinionFlow: Visual Analysis of Opinion Diffusion on Social Media
Authors: Yingcai Wu, Shixia Liu, Kai Yan, Mengchen Liu, Fangzhao Wu
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VAET: A Visual Analytics Approach for E-transactions Time-series
Authors: Cong Xie, Wei Chen, Xinxin Huang, Yueqi Hu, Scott Barlowe, Jing Yang
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Genotet: An Interactive Web-based Visual Exploration Framework to Support Validation of Gene Regulatory Networks
Authors: Bowen Yu, Harish Doraiswamy, Xi Chen, Emily Miraldi, Mario Luis Arrieta-Ortiz, Christoph Hafemeister, Aviv Madar, Richard Bonneau, Claudio Silva
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Visualizing Mobility of Public Transportation System
Authors: Wei Zeng, Chi-Wing Fu, Stefan Müller Arisona, Alexander Erath, Huamin Qu
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Visual Analysis of Public Utility Service Problems in a Metropolis
Authors: Jiawan Zhang, Yanli E, Jing Ma, Yahui Zhao, Binghan Xu, Liting Sun, Jinyan Chen, Xiaoru Yuan

#FluxFlow: Visual Analysis of Anomalous Information Spreading on Social Media
Authors: Jian Zhao, Nan Cao, Zhen Wen, Yale Song, Yu-Ru Lin, Christopher Collins
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VAST 2014: Conference-only Track

HydroQual: Visual Analysis of River Water Quality
Authors: Pierre Accorsi, Mickaël Fabrègue, Arnaud Sallaberry, Flavie Cernesson, Nathalie Lalande, Agnès Braud, Sandra Bringay, Florence Le Ber, Pascal Poncelet, Maguelonne Teisseire
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Serendip: Topic Model-Driven Visual Exploration of Text Corpora
Authors: Eric Alexander, Joe Kohlmann, Michael Witmore, Robin Valenza, Michael Gleicher
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Feedback-Driven Interactive Exploration of Large Multidimensional Data Supported by Visual Classifier
Authors: Michael Behrisch, Fatih Korkmaz, Lin Shao, Tobias Schreck
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Multi-Model Semantic Interaction for Text Analytics
Authors: Lauren Bradel, Chris North, Leanna House, Scotland Leman
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A System for Visual Analysis of Radio Signal Data
Authors: Tarik Crnovrsanin, Chris Muelder, Kwan-Liu Ma
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Baseball4D: A Tool for Baseball Game Reconstruction & Visualization
Authors: Carlos Dietrich, David Koop, Huy Vo, Claudio Silva
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An Insight- and Task-based Methodology for Evaluating Spatiotemporal Visual Analytics
Authors: Steven Gomez, Hua Guo, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, David H. Laidlaw
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Feature Driven Visual Analytics of Soccer Data
Authors: Halldór Janetzko, Dominik Sacha, Manuel Stein, Tobias Schreck, Oliver Deussen, Daniel Keim
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Analyzing High-dimensional Multivariate Network Links with Integrated Anomaly Detection, Highlighting and Exploration
Authors: Sungahn Ko, Shehzad Afzal, Simon Walton, Yang Yang, Junghoon Chae, Abish Malik, Yun Jang, Min Chen, David Ebert
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Weaving a Carpet from Log Entries: a Network Security Visualization Built with Co-Creation
Authors: Johannes Landstorfer, Ivo Herrmann, Jan-Erik Stange, Marian Dörk, Reto Wettach
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Visual Analysis of Patterns in Multiple Amino Acid Mutation Graphs
Authors: Olav Lenz, Frank Keul, Sebastian Bremm, Kay Hamacher, Tatiana von Landesberger
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Vismate: Interactive Visual Analysis of Station-Based Observation Data on Climate Changes
Authors: Jie Li, Kang Zhang, Zhao-Peng Meng
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TopicPanorama: a Full Picture of Relevant Topics
Authors: Shixia Liu, Xiting Wang, Jianfei Chen, Jun Zhu, Baining Guo
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Integrating Predictive Analytics and Social Media
Authors: Yafeng Lu, Robert Krueger, Dennis Thom, Feng Wang, Steffen Koch, Thomas Ertl, Ross Maciejewski
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An Integrated Visual Analysis System for Fusing MR Spectroscopy and Multi-Modal Radiology Imaging
Authors: Miguel Nunes, Benjamin Rowland, Matthias Schlachter, Soleakhena Ken, Krešimir Matković, Anne Laprie, Katja Bühler

YMCA - Your Mesh Comparison Application
Authors: Johanna Schmidt, Reinhold Preiner, Thomas Auzinger, Michael Wimmer, Eduard Gröller, Stefan Bruckner
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A Visual Reasoning Approach for Data-driven Transport Assessment on Urban Roads
Authors: Fei Wang, Wei Chen, Feiran Wu, Ye Zhao, Han Hong, Tianyu Gu, Long Wang, Ronghua Liang, Hujun Bao
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Using Visualizations to Monitor Changes and Harvest Insights from a Global-Scale Logging Infrastructure at Twitter
Authors: Krist Wongsuphasawat, Jimmy Lin
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BoundarySeer: Visual Analysis of 2D Boundary Changes
Authors: Wenchao Wu, Yixian Zheng, Huamin Qu, Wei Chen, Eduard Gröller, Lionel Ni
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Towards Interactive, Intelligent, and Integrated Multimedia Analytics
Authors: Jan Zahálka, Marcel Worring

PEARL: An Interactive Visual Analytic Tool for Understanding Personal Emotion Style Derived from Social Media
Authors: Jian Zhao, Liang Gou, Fei Wang, Michelle Zhou
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InfoVis 2014

NeuroLines: A Subway Map Metaphor for Visualizing Nanoscale Neuronal Connectivity
Authors: Ali Al-Awami, Johanna Beyer, Hendrik Strobelt, Narayanan Kasthuri, Jeff W. Lichtman, Hanspeter Pfister, Markus Hadwiger
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Visualizing Statistical Mix Effects and Simpson's Paradox
Authors: Zan Armstrong, Martin Wattenberg

Reinforcing Visual Grouping Cues to Communicate Complex Informational Structure
Authors: Juhee Bae, Benjamin Watson
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Order of Magnitude Markers: An Empirical Study on Large Magnitude Number Detection
Authors: Rita Borgo, Joel Dearden, Mark W. Jones
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A Principled Way of Assessing Visualization Literacy
Authors: Jeremy Boy, Ronald Rensink, Enrico Bertini, Jean-Daniel Fekete

Overview: The Design, Adoption, and Analysis of a Visual Document Mining Tool For Investigative Journalists
Authors: Matthew Brehmer, Stephen Ingram, Jonathan Stray, Tamara Munzner
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The Not-so-Staggering Effect of Staggered Animated Transitions on Visual Tracking
Authors: Fanny Chevalier, Pierre Dragicevic, Steven Franconeri
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Error Bars Considered Harmful: Exploring Alternate Encodings for Mean and Error
Authors: Michael Correll, Michael Gleicher

How Hierarchical Topics Evolve in Large Text Corpora
Authors: Weiwei Cui, Shixia Liu, Zhuofeng Wu, Hao Wei
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GLO-STIX: Graph-Level Operations for Specifying Techniques and Interactive eXploration
Authors: Charles D. Stolper, Minsuk Kahng, Zhiyuan Lin, Florian Foerster, Aakash Goel, John Stasko, Duen Horng Chau
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Learning Perceptual Kernels for Visualization Design
Authors: Çağatay Demiralp, Michael Bernstein, Jeffrey Heer

Nmap: A Novel Neighborhood Preservation Space-filling Algorithm
Authors: Felipe S. L. G. Duarte, Fabio Sikansi, Francisco M. Fatore, Samuel G. Fadel, Fernando V. Paulovich
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The Influence of Contour on Similarity Perception of Star Glyphs
Authors: Johannes Fuchs, Petra Isenberg, Anastasia Bezerianos, Fabian Fischer, Enrico Bertini
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Exploring the Placement and Design of Word-Scale Visualizations
Authors: Pascal Goffin, Wesley Willett, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Petra Isenberg
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The relation between visualization size, grouping, and user performance
Authors: Connor Gramazio, Karen Schloss, David Laidlaw
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Domino: Extracting, Comparing, and Manipulating Subsets across Multiple Tabular Datasets
Authors: Samuel Gratzl, Nils Gehlenborg, Alexander Lex, Hanspeter Pfister, Marc Streit
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Origin-Destination Flow Data Smoothing and Mapping
Authors: Diansheng Guo, Xi Zhu

Ranking Visualization of Correlation Using Weber’s Law
Authors: Lane Harrison, Fumeng Yang, Steven Franconeri, Remco Chang
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Constructing Visual Representations: Investigating the Use of Tangible Tokens
Authors: Samuel Huron, Yvonne Jansen, Sheelagh Carpendale
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Combing the Communication Hairball: Visualizing Large-Scale Parallel Execution Traces using Logical Time
Authors: Katherine Isaacs, Peer-Timo Bremer, Ilir Jusufi, Todd Gamblin, Abhinav Bhatele, Martin Schulz, Bernd Hamann
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LiveGantt: Interactively Visualizing a Large Manufacturing Schedule
Authors: Jaemin Jo, Jaeseok Huh, Jonghun Park, Bohyoung Kim, Jinwook Seo
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An Algebraic Process for Visualization Design
Authors: Gordon Kindlmann, Carlos Scheidegger
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DimpVis: Exploring Time-varying Information Visualizations by Direct Manipulation
Authors: Brittany Kondo, Christopher Collins
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UpSet: Visualization of Intersecting Sets
Authors: Alexander Lex, Nils Gehlenborg, Hendrik Strobelt, Romain Vuillemot, Hanspeter Pfister
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The Effects of Interactive Latency on Exploratory Visual Analysis
Authors: Zhicheng Liu, Jeffrey Heer
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Design Activity Framework for Visualization Design
Authors: Sean McKenna, Dominika Mazur, James Agutter, Miriah Meyer
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Comparative Eye Tracking Study on Node-Link Visualizations of Trajectories
Authors: Rudolf Netzel, Michael Burch, Daniel Weiskopf
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MovExp: A Versatile Visualization Tool for Human-Computer Interaction Studies with 3D Performance and Biomechanical Data
Authors: Gregorio Palmas, Myroslav Bachynskyi, Antti Oulasvirta, Hans-Peter Seidel, Tino Weinkauf
Video Preview

The Persuasive Power of Data Visualization
Authors: Anshul Vikram Pandey, Anjali Manivannan, Oded Nov, Margaret Satterthwaite, Enrico Bertini
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Revisiting Bertin matrices: New Interactions for Crafting Tabular Visualizations
Authors: Charles Perin, Pierre Dragicevic, Jean-Daniel Fekete
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TenniVis: Visualization for Tennis Match Analysis
Authors: Tom Polk, Jing Yang, Yueqi Hu, Ye Zhao
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iVisDesigner: Expressive Interactive Design of Information Visualizations
Authors: Donghao Ren, Tobias Höllerer, Xiaoru Yuan
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Axis Calibration for Improving Data Attribute Estimation in Star Coordinates Plots
Authors: Manuel Rubio-Sánchez, Alberto Sanchez
Video Preview

OnSet: A visualization technique for large-scale binary set data
Authors: Ramik Sadana, Timothy Major, Alistair Dove, John Stasko
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Node, Node-Link, and Node-Link-Group Diagrams: An Evaluation
Authors: Bahador Saket, Paolo Simonetto, Stephen Kobourov, Katy Borner
Video Preview

Visual Parameter Space Analysis: A Conceptual Framework
Authors: Michael Sedlmair, Christoph Heinzl, Harald Piringer, Stefan Bruckner, Torsten Möller
Video Preview

Activity Sculptures: Exploring the Impact of Physical Visualizations on Running Activity
Authors: Simon Stusak, Aurélien Tabard, Franziska Sauka, Rohit Ashok Khot, Andreas Butz
Video Preview

Four Experiments on the Perception of Bar Charts
Authors: Justin Talbot, Vidya Setlur, Anushka Anand

Tree Colors: Color Schemes for Tree-Structured Data
Authors: Martijn Tennekes, Edwin de Jonge
Video Preview

Attribute Signatures: Dynamic Visual Summaries for Analyzing Multivariate Geographical Data
Authors: Cagatay Turkay, Aidan Slingsby, Helwig Hauser, Jo Wood, Jason Dykes
Video Preview

Multivariate Network Exploration and Presentation: From Detail to Overview via Selections and Aggregations
Authors: Stef van den Elzen, Jarke J. van Wijk
Video Preview

Effects of Presentation Mode and Pace Control on Performance in Image Classification
Authors: Paul van der Corput, Jarke J. van Wijk
Video Preview

Stenomaps: Shorthand for Shapes
Authors: Arthur van Goethem, Andreas Reimer, Bettina Speckmann, Jo Wood

Moving beyond sequential design: Reflections on a rich multi-channel approach to data visualization
Authors: Jo Wood, Roger Beecham, Jason Dykes
Video Preview

PanoramicData: Data Analysis through Pen & Touch
Authors: Emanuel Zgraggen, Robert Zeleznik, Steven Drucker
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SciVis 2014

Low-Pass Filtered Volumetric Shadows
Authors: Marco Ament, Filip Sadlo, Carsten Dachsbacher, Daniel Weiskopf
Video Preview

City Forensics: Using Visual Elements to Predict Non-Visual City Attributes
Authors: Sean Arietta, Alexei Efros, Ravi Ramamoorthi, Maneesh Agrawala

Visualization of Brain Microstructure through Spherical Harmonics Illumination of High Fidelity Spatio-Angular Fields
Authors: Sujal Bista, Jiachen Zhou, Rao Gullapalli, Amitabh Varshney

Stent maps – Comparative visualization for the prediction of adverse events of transcatheter aortic valve implantations
Authors: Silvia Born, Simon Sündermann, Christoph Russ, Raoul Hopf, Carlos Ruiz, Volkmar Falk, Michael Gessat
Video Preview

Vivaldi: A Domain-Specific Language for Volume Processing and Visualization on Distributed Heterogeneous Systems
Authors: HyungSuk Choi, Woohyuk Choi, Tran Minh Quan, David Hildebrand, Hanspeter Pfister, Won-Ki Jeong
Video Preview

Multi-Charts for Comparative 3D Ensemble Visualization
Authors: Ismail Demir, Christian Dick, Rüdiger Westermann
Video Preview

Using Topological Analysis to Support Event-Guided Exploration in Urban Data
Authors: Harish Doraiswamy, Nivan Ferreira, Theodoros Damoulas, Juliana Freire, Claudio Silva
Video Preview

Interactive Progressive Visualization with Space-Time Error Control
Authors: Steffen Frey, Filip Sadlo, Kwan-Liu Ma, Thomas Ertl
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Combined Visualization of Wall Thickness and Wall Shear Stress for the Evaluation of Aneurysms
Authors: Sylvia Glasser, Kai Lawonn, Thomas Hoffmann, Martin Skalej, Bernhard Preim

Characterizing Molecular Interactions in Chemical Systems
Authors: David Guenther, Roberto Alvarez Boto, Julia Contreras Garcia, Jean-Philip Piquemal, Julien Tierny
Video Preview

Fast and Memory-Efficient Topological Denoising of 2D and 3D Scalar Fields
Authors: David Guenther, Alec Jacobson, Jan Reininghaus, Hans-Peter Seidel, Olga Sorkine-Hornung, Tino Weinkauf
Video Preview

Vortex Cores of Inertial Particles
Authors: Tobias Günther, Holger Theisel
Video Preview

Advection-Based Sparse Data Management for Visualizing Unsteady Flow
Authors: Hanqi Guo, Jiang Zhang, Richen Liu, Lu Liu, Xiaoru Yuan, Jian Huang, Xiangfei Meng, Jingshan Pan

Conforming Morse-Smale Complexes
Authors: Attila Gyulassy, David Guenther, Joshua A. Levine, Julien Tierny, Valerio Pascucci
Video Preview

Design and Evaluation of Interactive Proofreading Tools for Connectomics
Authors: Daniel Haehn, Seymour Knowles-Barley, Mike Roberts, Johanna Beyer, Narayanan Kasthuri, Jeff W. Lichtman, Hanspeter Pfister
Video Preview

FLDA: Latent Dirichlet Allocation Based Unsteady Flow Analysis
Authors: Fan Hong, Chufan Lai, Hanqi Guo, Xiaoru Yuan, Enya Shen, Sikun Li
Video Preview

Volume-Preserving Mapping and Registration for Collective Data Visualization
Authors: Jiaxi Hu, Guangyu Jeff Zou, Jing Hua
Video Preview

Decomposition and Segmentation of Multivariate Data using Pareto Set
Authors: Lars Huettenberger, Christian Heine, Christoph Garth
Video Preview

A Robust Parity Test for Extracting Parallel Vectors in 3D
Authors: Tao Ju, Minxin Cheng, Xu Wang, Ye Duan
Video Preview

ADR - Anatomy-Driven Reformation
Authors: Jan Kretschmer, Grzegorz Soza, Christian Tietjen, Michael Suehling, Bernhard Preim, Marc Stamminger
Video Preview

Boundary Aware Reconstruction of Scalar Fields
Authors: Stefan Lindholm, Daniel Jönsson, Charles Hansen, Anders Ynnerman
Video Preview

Ligand Excluded Surface : A New Type of Molecular Surface
Authors: Norbert Lindow, Daniel Baum, Hans-Christian Hege
Video Preview

Fixed-Rate Compressed Floating-Point Arrays
Authors: Peter Lindstrom

Escape Maps
Authors: Gustavo Mello Machado, Filip Sadlo, Thomas Müller, Thomas Ertl
Video Preview

Curve Boxplot: Generalization of Boxplot for Ensembles of Curves
Authors: Mahsa Mirzargar, Ross Whitaker, Mike Kirby

ViSlang: A System for Interpreted Domain-Specific Languages for Scientific Visualization
Authors: Peter Rautek, Stefan Bruckner, Eduard Gröller, Markus Hadwiger

Trajectory-based Flow Feature Tracking in Joint Particle/Volume Datasets
Authors: Franz Sauer, Hongfeng Yu, Kwan-Liu Ma
Video Preview

Trend-Centric Motion Visualization: Designing and Applying a new Strategy for Analyzing Scientific Motion Collections
Authors: David Schroeder, Fedor Korsakov, Carissa Mai-Ping Knipe, Lauren Thorson, Arin M. Ellingson, David Nuckley, John Carlis, Daniel F. Keefe
Video Preview

Predicate-based Focus-and-Context Visualization for 3D Ultrasound
Authors: Christian Schulte zu Berge, Maximilian Baust, Nassir Navab, Ankur Kapoor
Video Preview

Sparse PDF Volumes for Consistent Multi-Resolution Volume Rendering
Authors: Ronell Sicat, Jens Krueger, Torsten Möller, Markus Hadwiger
Video Preview

Multiscale Symmetry Detection in Scalar Fields by Clustering Contours
Authors: Dilip Thomas, Vijay Natarajan
Video Preview

Attractive Flicker: Guiding Attention in Dynamic Narrative Visualizations
Authors: Manuela Waldner, mathieu le muzic, Matthias Bernhard, Werner Purgathofer, Ivan Viola
Video Preview

Visualization of Regular Maps: The Chase Continues
Authors: Jarke J. van Wijk

Visualizing 2-dimensional manifolds with curve handles in 4D
Authors: Hui Zhang, Jianguang Weng, Guangchen Ruan
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TVCG Invited Papers

A Deformation Framework for Focus+Context Flow Visualization
Jun Tao, Chaoli Wang, Ching-Kuang Shene, Seung Hyun Kim
Video Preview

A Modular Degree-of-Interest Specification for the Visual Analysis of Large Dynamic Networks
Authors: James Abello, Steffen Hadlak, Heidrun Schumann, and Hans-Jörg Schulz
Video Preview

Activity Detection in Scientific Visualization
Authors: Sedat Ozer, Deborah Silver, Karen Bemis, Pino Martin
Video Preview

Similarity Preserving Snippet-Based Visualization of Web Search Results
Authors: Erick Gomez-Nieto, Frizzi San Roman, Paulo Pagliosa, Wallace Casaca, Elias S. Helou, Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira, Luis Gustavo Nonato
Video Preview

Glyph-Based Video Visualization for Semen Analysis
Authors: Brian Duffy, Jeyarajan Thiyagalingam, Simon Walton, David J. Smith, Anne Trefethen, Jackson C. Kirkman-Brown, Eamonn A. Gaffney and Min Chen
Video Preview

GazeVis: Interactive 3D Gaze Visualization for Contiguous Cross-sectional Medical Images
Authors: Hyunjoo Song, Jihye Yun, Bohyoung Kim, Jinwook Seo
Video Preview

An Evaluation of Depth Enhancing Perceptual Cues for Vascular Volume Visualization in Neurosurgery
Authors: Marta Kersten-Oertel, Sean J. Chen, D. Louis Collins
Video Preview

Blood Flow Clustering and Applications in Virtual Stenting of Intracranial Aneurysms
Authors: Steffen Oeltze, Dirk J. Lehmann, Alexander Kuhn, Gábor Janiga, Holger Theisel, Bernhard Preim
Video Preview

GraphDiaries: Animated Transitions and Temporal Navigation for Dynamic Networks
Authors: Benjamin Bach, Emmanuel Pietriga, Jean-Daniel Fekete
Video Preview

The Natural Helmholtz-Hodge Decomposition For Open-Boundary Flow Analysis
Authors: Harsh Bhatia, Valerio Pascucci, and Peer-Timo Bremer
Video Preview

Exploring Flow Fields Using Space-filling Analysis of Streamlines
Authors: Abon Chaudhuri, Teng-Yok Lee, Han-Wei Shen, Rephael Wenger
Video Preview

How to Display Group Information on Node-Link Diagrams: an Evaluation
Authors: Radu Jianu, Adrian Rusu, Yifan Hu, Douglas Taggart
Video Preview

Perceptually Uniform Motion Space
Authors: Asmund Birkeland, Cagatay Turkay, and Ivan Viola
Video Preview

Visual Adjacency Lists for Dynamic Graphs
Authors: Marcel Hlawatsch, Michael Burch, Daniel Weiskopf
Video Preview

A Metric for the Evaluation of Dense Vector Field Visualizations
Authors: Victor Matvienko and Jens Kruger
Video Preview

Interpolation-Based Pathline Tracing in Particle-Based Flow Visualization
Authors: Jennifer Chandler, Harald Obermaier, Ken Joy
Video Preview

Direct Isosurface Ray Casting of NURBS-based Isogeometric Analysis
Authors: Andre Schollmeyer, Bernd Froehlich
Video Preview

A Structure-Based Distance Metric for High-Dimensional Space Exploration with Multi-Dimensional Scaling
Authors: J. Lee, K. McDonnell, A. Zelenyuk, D. Imre, K. Mueller

An Approach to Supporting Incremental Visual Data Classification
Authors: Jose Gustavo S. Paiva, William Robson Schwartz, Helio Pedrini, Rosane Minghim
Video Preview

The Impact of Interactivity on Comprehending 2D and 3D Visualizations of Movement Data
Authors: Fereshteh Amini, Sébastien Rufiange, Zahid Hossain, Quentin Ventura, Pourang Irani, and Michael J. McGuffin

Munin: A Peer-to-Peer Middleware for Ubiquitous Analytics and Visualization Spaces
Authors: Sriram Karthik Badam, Eli Raymond Fisher, and Niklas Elmqvist
Video Preview