Movement Visualization

Olga Brazhnik

Vis-in-Rhythm When was the last time you did something for the first time in your life?
This is your chance.
Come to this playful visualization exercise, express yourself through movement, and have fun!
Visualization is not only about computers. In our drive to develop personalized and malleable interfaces, patient centered health care, human-computer interaction, and personalized medicine we have to understand our bodily self and our complex human experiences.
As a physicist I view life as a dance of energies whether it is health, knowledge, creative self-expressions, collective intelligence or harmonization with the environment. And I see the power of dance in awakening bodily awareness of self (which is often forgotten in our information-driven digital age), empathy, non-verbal communication and collective energy that we create and exist in. I invite you to experience Journey Dance where initiated by music your movements come from within while the instructor gently facilitates this process. You do not have to follow or master the moves because you are the Master. This is one of yoga dances practiced daily at the Kripalu center for yoga and health.
No prior dance experience is necessary. Bring water.